U-Guard Security Products LLC Offers Updated Information on Stun Gun Laws by State

U-Guard Security Products LLC, a self-defense products company based in Lebanon, Georgia, is pleased to announce that they have updated their free resource page on stun gun laws by state to ensure that it is current for 2021. The information on this particular page has now been made current and updated for 2021 laws on stun guns and electro shock weapons. Stun guns and shock weapons, such as stun batons and stun gun flashlights, are less lethal weapons for security and self-defense. This page serves as a comprehensive reference guide for all the laws and detailed information for owning, buying, and carrying a stun gun device in the US and by each state.

Steve Trudeau, President of U-Guard Security Products, says, “The information provided on this particular page is intended for civilian reference to enable people to know where stun gun illegal in what states. These are self-defense products that are designed for personal protection using a non-lethal or less lethal weapon that is designed not to inflict long-term damage. We have updated the information and made it current for 2021 because it is the responsibility of each person who wants to use these products to inform themselves on the laws in their particular area before purchasing a stun gun, electronic stun device, stun baton, stun gun flashlight, taser, or any kind of electric dart gun.”

They have ensured that all data presented on the web page are current information on laws on stun gun weapons and similar devices. At present, only the states of Rhode Island and Hawaii consider it illegal to buy, own, and use stun guns and use them for civilian self-defense. Several other US states had restrictions on stun guns in the past but they have changed their laws to allow the use of such devices for personal use and for security, self-defense, and protection of the home or business. However, it is illegal to use a stun gun in any way for committing a crime or breaking the law. In accordance with the laws, U-Guard Security Products LLC will only ship electric shock devices and stun gun weapons within the US, particularly to any of the 48 states where they can be legally used by consumers. The resource also provides information for the unincorporated territory of Puerto Rico where it is legal to use such devices but U-Guard does not ship its products there.

The laws that govern a stun gun or taser are similar. However, it is important to note that there are less strict requirements for stun guns, stun batons, and stun gun flashlights, compared to a taser gun that shoots stun dart projectiles. Aside from providing up-to-date information on which are stun gun legal states, the web page also provides other relevant information such as whether a background check or a permit is required and other requirements, such as being of legal age and more. This particular reference page also offers information on where to purchase stun guns, tasers, and other self-defense products online.

U Guard Security Products offers a wide range of tasers and stun guns to chose from along with detailed information on less lethal stun devices for consumers and profesional referance.

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