U Guard Security Products Llc Explains Stun Gun Laws By State

U-Guard Security Products LLC, a company based in Atlanta, Georgia, has revealed that they have provided on their website a detailed educational page on stun gun laws by state to help ordinary citizens know if they can own and carry a stun gun as a form of self defense. Stun guns are legal in most of the US states, with only the states of Rhode Island and Hawaii banning people from selling, buying, owning, or using a stun baton, or stun flashlight for personal use, self defense, security or home protection. It should be note, however, that the information they provide is intended only for civilian reference and not for the policy and law enforcement departments.

Steve Trudeau, President of U-Guard Security Products, says, “The information provided on the educational page for stun guns is intended for civilian reference and the use of a stun gun for self-defense and personal protection using a less lethal or non-lethal weapon that does not result into long-term damage. It is the responsibility of the consumer to do some research on the laws in their local area before buying a stun gun, stun baton, stun gun flashlight, tazer, or any type of electric dart gun. Furthermore, we only ship such items within the US, particularly to any of the 48 states that allow them.”

Are Stun Gun Legal U-Guard Security

There is some confusion as to what differentiates a stun gun and the taser or tazer. A taser or tazer shoots projectile darts that are connected to the device with thin cables. The darts are designed to make contact with the skin or body of the assailant to deliver an electric shock and momentarily immobilize them. On the other hand, stun guns don’t have such darts and have to be placed in direct contact with the skin or body for a few seconds for them to work properly. And tasers are generally more expensive and have more advanced features.

Thus, the main advantage of a taser over a stun gun is that it permits the user to keep some distance away from the assailant, of approximately 8 to 20 feet. This allows for better safety and control. It should also be remembered that while the laws on stun guns and tasers are very similar, there are some additional requirements on a few states for tasers concerning age, permits, and background checks. Tasers may actually be used as a stun gun when the stun dart cartridge has been removed or the darts have already been used up. Many taser models are designed to shoot two stun darts on a thin cable from a one-time use replaceable taser cartridge. Those interested may click for information on stun gun laws by state.

U-Guard Security Products LLC presents a broad variety of tasers and stun guns. These include: a compact pink stun baton personal self-defense weapon and flashlight; a purple knuckle taser stun gun; an 18-inch stun stick lightning rod baton tazer; a handheld stun gun with a number of self defense options; a mini stun gun with spikes for active people who want protection while jogging, running, or walking; a streetwise triple sting ring mini stun gun with carbon fiber pattern; a shock ring stun gun that is small enough to be easy to conceal; a stun gun self defense knuckles hand taser for active men and women; a ZAP blast knuckle extreme stun gun; a small pink taser flashlight, which is one of the best stun guns for women with small hands; and more.

All of these less lethal self-defense weapons being offered U-Guard Security Products come with a satisfaction purchase guarantee. This is for those cases when the buyer believes the product has failed to satisfy them for whatever reason. Each model is provided with complete instructions to make sure that people will use them safely and properly. Most of the products they provide do not require any permits or special training.

U-Guard Security Products LLC provides a limited lifetime warranty for most of these less lethal self-defense products. They assure that there are no manufacturing defects and that their quality assurance team have thoroughly evaluated the products for quality, fit, durability, and function.

People who would like to know more about these self-defense products may want to check out the website of U-Guard Security Products, or contact them on the phone or through email. Or they can click here to learn more about self defense products.


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