U-Guard Security Products: Free Shipping Now Available On All Orders

U-Guard Security Products LLC, based in Lebanon, GA, is pleased to announce that they are launching a free shipping policy for all customers who make their future purchases from the platform’s online store. All orders, be they large or small, will be eligible for this policy, which extends to the lower 48 states of the US. Each and every product also comes with a Purchase Satisfaction Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty, and customers are welcome to begin taking advantage of the free shipping policy today.

U-Guard Security Products states, “Given the nature of the products we provide, we came to the realization that our customers would benefit from having as few obstacles between them and an item that makes them feel safer. To this end, we worked with partners across the US to develop a system that would allow us to offer free shipping to as many locations as possible. We want you to have everything you need to feel safe at home, at work or even on your daily commute, and we believe that our new shipping policy will help more people take that next step towards improving their security.”

U-Guard Security Products 2021 New Free Shipping Policy

While the company’s products can be shipped for free to the vast majority of the country, certain restrictions may apply for certain States or Cities that have laws barring select items. U-Guard Security Products also reserves the right to pick which shipping provider they use for a given product, though customers may rest assured that the company will make their decisions based on which options offer the best delivery times and so on. U-Guard Security Products tends to rely on the services of the United States Postal Service (USPS), United Parcel Service (UPS) and FedEx the most, though other providers may be utilized in certain situations. Customers should further be aware that no mailing addresses outside the US will be considered eligible. Click for policy details.

U-Guard Security Products also makes it a point to keep their inventory up to date and ready to fulfill orders on a moment’s notice. The company is so committed to this, in fact, that customers can expect most products to be made ready for shipment within 24 hours of a complete order being submitted. In the rare event the website’s stock count is not reflective of actual numbers, the team at U-Guard Security Products will quickly get in touch with the customer to check whether they are content to wait until new stock arrives or would like a refund.

Delivery times may vary depending on distance, type of product and weather conditions, but the company compensates for this by providing customers with the ability to track their shipment directly. According to the company, this ultimately means that customers may expect their products to arrive within 2-5days following an order (in most cases).

The company acknowledges that customers may sometimes change their mind about a purchase or wish to change their order after a delivery has already been made. In such cases, they are ready and willing to accept returns within 90 days of the item being received. Customers should note, however, that the item must also be returned in its original packaging, unused as well as in resellable condition. While customers will be required to arrange and pay for their own shipping here, the company states that refunds will be processed in no longer than 14 days once the items have been received and accepted. The customer will be notified of this via email once this process has concluded. However, the company states that customers may find it much easier to cancel their orders if the cancellation is made prior to the item being dispatched. Similarly, the mailing address can only be changed before the item is dispatched.

U-Guard Security Products LLC offers a wide variety of products designed to aid in self-defense, survival and so on, and their team is always ready to respond to inquiries from customers who wish to learn more. Additional information can be found on the company’s website, at uguardsecurityproducts.com, as well (where customers may make their purchases directly in order to enjoy the free shipping policy). Similarly, they may contact Steve Trudeau of U-Guard Security Products LLC for further details.


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