Two Guys From Germany And Denmark Launch SEO Publication On Medium is a fast-growing platform for aspiring writers all over the world.

According to an interview in Cheddar in May 2019, a Medium spokesperson declined to comment on specific numbers but noted that the company back then approached 100 million monthly readers.


Medium has many publications. Writers can publish an article in a publication that is relevant to their niche and therefore reach a big audience.

Two SEO geeks Fabian Pott (Germany) and Brian Petersen (Denmark) are already running a blog about SEO (SEO Geek Lab).

A few months ago, they decided to publish articles about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on

“We thought it could be interesting to tap into an audience that is used to publish content on the Internet. If we could help and teach those people how to rank in the search engines, they would gain even more traffic for their content,” says Fabian Pott, Co-Founder of SEO Geek Lab.

Brian and Fabian quickly discovered that even when they were accepted as writers into different established publications, this was not a guarantee that the content would fit the publications’ audience.

“When you write content within a specific niche, there is always a chance that the publication is too broad. That’s why we decided that we would like to start a niche publication dedicated entirely to Search Engine Optimization,” says Brian Petersen, Co-Founder of SEO Geek Lab.

Brian and Fabian have already published 17 articles on their Medium publication SEO Geek Lab.

“Our goal is to create a publication that only focuses on SEO. There are so many topics and moving parts to cover, so we are not likely to run out of topics,” says Fabian Pott.

At the moment, the publication is written and edited by Fabian Pott and Brian Petersen.

“Our goal is to welcome other dedicated SEO geeks so that they can publish well-researched articles, tips or share their strategies as we do,” says Brian Petersen.

The SEO Geek Medium publication’s goal is to cover everything relevant for Search Engine Optimization, and it is also possible to subscribe to the publication’s newsletter.

“All relevant topics are welcome if you have created a unique keyword strategy or a wizard building links or like to perform and showcase SEO tests you are welcome to write for us,” says Fabian Pott.

The two geeks will continue publishing content on their blog as well. Those articles would focus more on “how-to” reviews like the Contabo Review article.

“We know there are a lot of skilled geeks out there, so we hope that they will join our publication,” says Fabian Pott.

Fabian Pott is an independent SEO consultant that is running his own SEO Agency in Germany.

Brian Petersen is working as an SEO manager in a large Telco company in Denmark.

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