Twin Cities PC Repair to Offer Computer Help for Seniors

Twin Cities PC Repair, a computer repair service company based in Eagan, Minnesota, has revealed how they are helping seniors make use of technology, especially those who are not familiar with new technology. In a recent blog post, Patrick Jensen, owner of the company, points out that people, including seniors, are being pushed online because of new developments, including the pandemic because people need to register online for a COVID-19 vaccination. The problem with some seniors is that they were not able to update themselves regarding new technology. This has become critical because of many things that are now online, including: telehealth; service appointments; scheduling services; shopping; church, association, club, and neighborhood meetings; and selecting and reserving library books.

The company has a residential support team ready to assist seniors to help them get connected and remain connected. They understand that some seniors are afraid of technology but they can reassure them with the proper precautions by establishing for them a secure system.

Patrick Jensen, owner of the company, says, “Many seniors are familiar with computers and technology but some are not. Among those who have had online experience, there is still a growing number of elders who have not ‘kept up,’ all combined with pandemic related changes in how health care is delivered led to a situation where many people need help, helping their aging parents get properly connected and set up online in an internet of everything world.”

He continues, “You can rest assured that you or the seniors in your life have the IT help needed to stay connected. We’re able to explain, coach, and troubleshoot at any time. As we’ll get to know the technology, we can often help faster, too, plus we can do a lot of our work remotely if that makes the senior feel safer.”

Meanwhile, they offer PC repair services. For those instances when the issue has to do with software, they can provide their service remotely. They can handle a wide range of problems with the PC. These include: failure of the OS to start; a computer that won’t turn on; a noisy computer; a keyboard, printer or mouse that doesn’t work; computer freezes and restarts; a computer that is too slow; and having a blank screen.

They can also provide customized computer service. They can help people get a a custom-built computer, which offers several benefits. This allows the user to have a computer that is well-matched and suited to what the individual really wants to do with the computer. For instance, the computer user may only need to browse and send some emails. A high-spec computer that can run complex graphics is not necessary for this particular individual. On the other hand, the computer user wants to play graphics intensive computer games. In this case, a low-spec computer will not be able to do the job. He or she will need a computer that can handle intensive graphics. Their specialists have the knowledge and experience to determine the specific type of computer that is required by a specific customer.

They also offer data backup and recovery services. This can protect or recover important files on the computer hard drive, such as research papers, family pictures, tax documents, financial documents, and more. It should be noted that customers will not pay anything unless important data has been recovered. They have a world class team of data recovery specialists and ISO-5, Class 100 clean room facilities where they perform their data recovery services.

They can also provide Macbook repair services. They provide a range of Mac computer repair services, such as: Mac hard drive replacement; Macbook water damage repair; Macbook Air repair; Macbook battery replacement; Mac screen replacement; and iMac repair; Macbook keyboard replacement.

People who would like to know more about the services offered by Twin Cities PC Repair can visit their website, or contact them on the phone or through email. They are open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, from Monday to Friday.


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