Twin Cities PC Repair Publishes Blog Post About Slow PC

Twin Cities PC Repair, a Minnesota based computer repair store, has published a new blog post about how to tell if a computer is running extra slowly because of something about the computer, or if the problem lies with the internet connection. Often, when people find their computer is running much more slowly than it maybe was in the past, or they get frustrated with programs or websites loading slowly, they might not be able to figure out whether its their computer or their internet that is causing the delays. Thankfully, this recent blog post from Twin Cities PC Repair has some tips to identify the reason behind a computer that is running sluggishly.

The first thing the blog post suggests checking is what the user is trying to do when they notice the slowness. If its programs that are taking a long time to load, or perhaps running more slowly than they should, it could be something about the computer causing the delays. Large applications, like Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office, many accounting programs, and some computer games, may require a lot of short term memory, or RAM, possibly more than the computer has. Even a new computer, if purchased inexpensively, might not have the hardware required to run every application at top speeds. Someone who is having trouble with a slow computer might want to invest in more RAM to help run their programs faster.

Another upgrade that can help improve the speed of a computer is switching to a solid state drive. Solid State Drives, or SSDs, read and write more efficiently than traditional hard drives, allowing them to access information and thus run processes with that information much more quickly. The speed of an upgrade to a solid state drive is often most notable in how quickly a computer boots up, as the information about the operating system that must be read and run on start is all much quicker to access off a SSD than a traditional hard drive.

That being said, problems with slowness when using a computer are not always caused by the computer itself. Sometimes a computer can be fully kitted out to be quick, but without a strong internet connection, websites and videos from the internet may be slow to load. If someone is noticing delays especially online, across a variety of websites, that could be a sign that the internet is slowing things down. Some ways to tell if the internet connection is the reason for a slow computer is to try connecting to the same websites from a different device on the same network, or doing an online speed test to find out the speed of the internet connection the computer is using. These tricks can help narrow down the source of an issue.

Of course, proper computer care is also very important to maintaining the speed of a computer. For example, leaving a computer on all the time can cause the machine to get stuck in a slow rut, perhaps when too many applications end up running at the same time. Rebooting a computer, or the modem or router, can help reset a slow machine and help it run quickly again. Some PC towers also need to be dusted periodically, as dust particles getting caked onto hardware can cause it to overheat and experience difficulties. If someone’s tried all these things and their computer still isn’t working to their expectations, or if they just need help getting through the steps, Twin Cities PC Repair can help debug and solve any computer speed issues or other computer repairs that may be necessary. If it isn’t possible to repair or speed up an older computer, Twin Cities PC Repair is also available to help customers pick out, or even design and build, the perfect new machine.

Twin Cities PC Repair has a lot more great information about using and maintaining computers on their website, and is available Monday through Friday by phone, email or at their location in Eagan, Minnesota, to help with all kinds of computer issues.


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