Tuscaloosa Bail Bondsman Discusses Higher Maximum Bail for Murder Cases

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Tuscaloosa, Ala. — As a Tuscaloosa bail bondsman, the team at Alabama Bail Bonds closely follows their states legislators and the effects they have on their industry. One of the most impactful changes the state of Alabama may be implementing in the near future is the potential increase in the maximum bail amount a murder suspect will have to pay to get out of jail in Alabama.

Recently, the Criminal Rules Committee of the Alabama Supreme Court approved a motion set forth by the Montgomery County District Attorney, Daryl Bailey, to increase bail for murder in the state. If approved, the maximum bail amount will be increased from $150,000 to $1.5 million, the same bail amount is given for trafficking drugs.

When a bond for murder is set at $150,000, but someone arrested for drugs has a bond set at $200,000, that’s a problem to me,” said the Montgomery City Mayor, Steven Reed, at a City Council meeting last month.

In the past, city officials have criticized judges for not setting bail for murder cases higher than $150,000, despite it being within the scope of their abilities. In order for a murder suspect to receive an increased bail amount, prosecutors must first recommend an increased bond to the judge by citing that the suspect is a flight risk or danger to the community. The judge could then decide whether or not to approve the higher bail amount.

This is not Bailey’s first time seeking to change the bail schedules. In 2014, the District Attorney went before the Criminal Rules Committee to have the amount for murder raised from $75,000 to the $150,000 it is set at now.

Now that it has been approved by the Committee, the recommendation will next go through the Alabama Supreme Court for review before it can be approved.

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