Trusted Virginia Beach Heating & Air Conditioning Company Discusses the Advantages of Mini Spilt Systems

R.A. Styron Heating & Air Conditioning of Chesapeake, VA is one of those companies that firmly believes that mini-split systems represent a customer’s best option when they need to heat or cool spaces that don’t already have embedded ductwork. As such, this trusted Chesapeake HVAC service would like people to know the many Advantages that mini-split/ductless heating and air conditioning systems offer. They know that this information will be very helpful for someone who is about to do such things as put an addition on their home or wants to turn their unheated garage into an office or bonus room. That way they will have the information that they need to decide between installing a new mini-split system or adding more traditional HVAC ductwork to heat and cool those areas. This is all part of how this family-owned business that has been serving the HVAC needs of those in the Chesapeake, VA area for almost 70-years attempts to keep their customers better informed about the heating and air conditioning services that they offer.

Company representative and Office Manager, Tabitha, says, “We are a company that likes to stay as progressive as possible when it comes to the heating and air conditioning services that we offer. That’s why over the years we have taken the time needed to learn so much about the benefits that mini-split systems have to offer and how that can help our customers in very specific heating and cooling situations. This newer heating and air conditioning technology when installed in areas that don’t have existing ductwork, has proven to be very effective at doing that job and presents a good opportunity for some cost savings also. That’s why we carry such a large selection now of ductless heating and cooling products.”

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Among the many benefits of Ductless air conditioning systems that Tabitha mentioned is they are very energy-efficient if set up correctly. That’s because they are a zone type heating system. That means if heating or cooling is not needed in the area of a home they are set up in, there is no need to run the system. Most mini split HVAC systems energy-efficiency ratings are also very good. She added that they are one of the more flexible heating and cooling options too because of the variety of ways they can be installed. For instance, they come in wall-mounted, window-mounted, stand-alone, and other versions. The company representative also talked about how these ductless systems usually require less maintenance than those heating and cooling systems that have ductwork and they are very easy to operate. She mentioned that one of the more obvious benefits of mini-split systems is that they are easy to install because of the fact that they have no accompanying ductwork. This also helps keep their installation cost down and there are none of the usual health problems that are associated with breathing air that passes through ductwork that has mold, pet dander, dust, and other air contaminants building up in it.

Tabitha says that for those who have situations where ducted HVAC systems work best, they have good options for them there too. The company supplies and installs such popular HVAC systems as those that are made by Lennox, Rheem, Ruud, and Carrier. Their team can design and size these systems from scratch for them to best fit a customer’s needs. She added that they also service what they sell and their techs are so skilled they can even work on heating and air conditioning systems that were installed by their competitors. R.A. Styron Heating & Air Conditioning has also become an area leader in Geothermal heating and cooling system installations and offers a variety of quality plumbing services too. The company serves the HVAC needs of those in Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Suffolk, Portsmouth, and many areas of Norfolk.

Those that would like more information on mini-split systems may refer to the company’s website or contact a member of the R.A. Styron HVAC team directly by phone or email. They offer free estimates and customer satisfaction is guaranteed.


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