Tree Service Pros Ormond Beach Uses Tree Removal to Create Room for Client’s Rental Property

Ormond Beach, Florida – Last week on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, Tree Service Pros Ormond Beach worked with Mr. Josephat Mackenzie to clear up his land for his upcoming rental property project. The company had to remove 12 pine trees and 13 maples to create enough room for the client’s apartment building.

After removing the trees, Tree Service Pros Ormond Beach had to dig around the stumps to pull them out together with their roots. This would ensure the landscape was ready to handle the foundation for a 4-floor building.

“Even though we are all about protecting our urban forest,” said the Tree Service Pros Ormond Beach CEO, “We are also all about paving way for new property development projects. This is why our team of tree cutting professionals in Ormond beach was so excited to work with Josephat Mackenzie.”

The construction project begins the day after tomorrow. According to the Tree Service Pros Ormond Beach CEO, the company’s tree removal team will spend the better part of tomorrow collecting the waste on Mackenzie’s landscape. The company will also fill up the holes created by the stump removal procedure. This will leave the landscape level enough for the project and with no holes that could easily turn into hazards.

“I have been planning the construction project for the past 10 years,” said Josephat Mackenzie when explaining why he had to remove his trees, “I work as a petroleum engineer and I only have a few years left before I retire. This means that I am about to lose my main source of income. To stay afloat after retiring, I had to create a new source of income. Since I already had a piece of land, rental houses sounded like a good idea. The houses will allow me to finance my life after retirement without having to call my kids now and then for handouts.”

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After constructing his rental property, Mackenzie plans to work with Tree Service Pros Ormond Beach to plant trees strategically in all the open spaces around the property.

“I do not want to use a brick wall for privacy,” said the property owner, “My goal is to surround the property with trees. In addition to using the trees for privacy, I will also plant trees inside the property for shade. I want my tenants to enjoy the coolest environment. My property will be more like a park, allowing my tenants to take a break from the city after work.”

Josephat Mackenzie reported that he ended up hiring Tree Service Pros Ormond Beach after getting several recommendations from several property owners in Ormond Beach. The homeowners reported that the company could handle all types of tree care procedures in Ormond Beach.

“Some of the homeowners who suggested Tree Service Pros Ormond Beach to me said that they had used the company for tree pruning, tree trimming, stump grinding, and even emergency tree services,” said Mackenzie, “They told me that irrespective of the tree service procedure they hired Tree Service Pros Ormond Beach for, its team of tree cutting professionals delivered the best results.”

After doing his research, Mackenzie realized that Tree Service Pros Ormond Beach has been in the tree service industry for more than 25 years. He also learned that the company owns modern tree service tools that allow it to turn complicated procedures into safe, non-risky tree services. By the time Mackenzie decided to hire the company for his tree removal project, he was sure that the company would follow his instructions, and remove the trees as directed.

“Tree Service Pros Ormond Beach did not disappoint me,” said Mackenzie, “They have completed the project on time. What’s even more impressive is that they charged me a very affordable price.”

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