Tree Service in Weston Florida Cautions Home and Business Owners Not to Overlook Getting Essential Tree Work Done

Pembroke Pines based EPS Landscaping & Tree Service has established itself as one of the most competent tree service providers in Weston, Florida, and throughout the Broward County area. They have done this by hiring some of the most well-trained and experienced tree professionals that can be found in their area of Florida. These same tree professionals drive by many homes each day that can use the help of expert tree services that they offer. They warn that many unwanted consequences can result from trees that are not properly maintained.

Greg O'Connell, the company co-owner, says, “Unfortunately, trees tend to be one of the most overlooked aspects of a yard when it comes to landscape maintenance. That’s a shame because trees that are healthy and properly kept up can greatly enhance the overall look of any landscape and contribute significantly to its health. That’s exactly why I have put the right personnel in place so we can offer our customers a variety of essential tree services that are expertly done.”

Weston Florida Tree Care by EPS Landscaping & Tree Service LLC

As was mentioned above, O’Connell says that the tree trimming and removal services that they offer are essential to overall landscape health and beauty. Tree trimming promotes such tree health benefits as letting essential sunlight, air, and water penetrate deeper into a tree so the whole tree remains healthy. This is accomplished by undertaking such tree trimming steps as crown thinning, pruning, and crown shaping. It even benefits the grass and other plants under or near a tree for the same reasons. He added that although they hate to ever remove a tree, sometimes taking down one or more trees in a yard that has become overcrowded with them, will once again benefit the overall health of a landscape.

Tree trimming and removal are also essential tree services that should be proactively performed before strong storms hit the area. The company co-owner says this is because trees that are dead and dying pose extreme hazards to people and property during severe wind conditions. They no longer have the established root structure and trunk strength that they should and this makes them more prone to toppling over during severe storms. Trees that are growing too close to homes, structures, and power lines will benefit from trimming before strong storms too. He stated that by home and business owners being proactive in their tree trimming and removal work, it can go a long way towards eliminating the tree property damage that often occurs during strong storms.

One essential tree service of this company that gets rave reviews is their palm tree trimming. Gina Maria Marin stated, “I called EPS Landscaping and Tree Service to trim my palms ahead of the last tropical storm. Not only do my palms look fantastic, but I also didn’t have to be out after the storm picking anything up from my yard. The team was knowledgeable and courteous, and customer service is exceptional. Greg and Jessica will take care of you the right way!” O’Connell went on to say that there is a reason why people should not trust their delicate palm tree trimming to just any tree services provider. This is because palm trees that are not trimmed properly or at the right time of year can become severely damaged or even die. He says their palm tree trimming crews avoid these types of mishaps because they are led by well-trained and experienced palm tree care professionals. Other tree services that EPS offers include tree planting & relocation and stump removal. The company co-owner mentioned that they are more than happy to meet with a customer and give them an accurate assessment of the condition of the trees in their yard.

EPS Landscaping & Tree Service also offers irrigation system installation & design, landscape design & installation, and a variety of recommended lawn maintenance services. Customers that have used a combination of this company’s different landscape and tree services rate their services very highly. An example of that is this 5-star Google review from Bryan Cook who says, “When I called this company they came out and exceeded my expectations. I have recommended EPS to all of my friends. They are a one-stop-shop to meet all of your landscaping needs.” Those in Broward County that are interested in learning more about the essential tree care services that this company offers, can call them, send them an email, or fill out the ‘request a quote’ form that’s found on the dedicated ‘tree services’ page of their website.


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