Tree Service Fresno Lauded for Handling a Complicated Tree Trimming Procedure at An Affordable Cost

Fresno, California – After performing his research online to determine which company would offer him maximum benefits during tree trimming, Franklin Woolfolk ended up settling for Tree Service Fresno. The company had stellar reviews written by happy previous customers.

When Woolfolk called Tree Service Fresno, the team was quick to respond and came out to offer a tree service estimate which turned out to be extremely affordable. The company’s Fresno tree trimming team completed the procedure a few days later.

Tree Service Fresno

Speaking after working with Tree Service Fresno, a happy Franklin Woolfolk had the following to say, “I decided to call Tree Service Fresno because of all of the stellar reviews. I had called several tree services and none of them was available to do the job right away. Diana responded quickly and came out within the hour to do an estimate for us. Her estimate was in line with the lowest estimate we had received. They came out to do the job within a few days and they were awesome. Tree Service Fresno crew was very professional and very knowledgeable. They were careful in their work and the job they did cleaning up the tree trimmings was absolute perfection. Diana came back to check and make sure we were happy as well while his guys were finishing up the job. Great job!”

“Our ability to offer an affordable cost for our professional tree services in Fresno starts with our experience and modern tree service tools,” said the Tree Service Fresno CEO. “For example, unlike other companies which may have to waste hours planning how to prune or trim a tree, our Fresno tree trimming team uses its experience to make plans in a few minutes and then uses its tools to execute these plans quickly. Our ability to effortlessly improve tree health in Fresno has always impressed our customers – Franklin Woolfolk is a good example of one of our impressed customers.”

When our reporters looked into Tree Service Fresno, they realized that the company has been operating in Fresno – and neighborhoods like Clovis, Kingsburg, Tarpey Village, Madera Acres, Sanger, and Easton – for the past 25 years. This suggested that the company has decades of experience in the tree service industry. We wanted to know why the company was not overcharging its clients for its experience.

After reaching out to the company’s CEO, he had the following to say, “About 10 years ago, we were among the most highly-priced tree service providers. I mean, if you wanted to work with our team of tree cutting professionals in Fresno, you had to prepare a good amount of money. However, what we learned is that homeowners were actively avoiding professional tree services in Fresno because of the high price. DIY tree service, however, rarely produced good results. Most of the property owners ended up dropping their trees on powerlines, houses, and other utilities – this resulted in a lot of property damage.”

“DIY tree service also resulted in significant injuries and tree damage,” added the CEO. “To give you a good example, if Franklin Woolfolk had tried trimming his tree, the lack of safety tools would have put him at the risk of falling from the crown and suffering broken bones. If he was lucky and managed to avoid injuries, his lack of experience in tree trimming would have damaged his tree irreparably. This could have forced him to invest in tree removal – the removal of a tree is a loss to the whole city.”

The Tree Service Fresno CEO noted that his company decided to reduce the cost of professional services to make them affordable to more homeowners. This benefitted the company since more people started booking tree service procedures in Fresno. It also helped the homeowners avoid spending money on property repairs, hospital bills, and tree removals.

Tree Service Fresno offices are located at 704 H St, Fresno, CA 93721, United States. The company, however, is easy to reach through +1 559-825-0045 and


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