Tree Service Experts Santa Ana Uses Tree Trimming to Improve Safety on Homeowner’s Driveway

Santa Ana, California – A company that puts safety first, Tree Service Experts Santa Ana has helped a new client raise the crown of his trees to improve visibility on the driveway. The happy homeowner, Mr. Cleophas Marvin, reported that the company had helped lower the possibility of accidents on his driveway.

Describing his experience with Tree Service Experts Santa Ana, Cleophas had the following to say to one of our reporters, “The trees standing on the sides of my driveway had put branches on the driver’s line of vision. Last week, I remember almost hitting my youngest son with my car because I could not see him riding his bike in front of me. Tree Service Experts Santa Ana was very effective in fixing the safety problem on my landscape – the Santa Ana tree trimming team raised the crowns, improving visibility. Additionally, the company worked on shaping my trees, making them look more aesthetically appealing.”

Tree Service Experts Santa Ana

Tree Service Experts Santa Ana is reportedly one of the few companies in Santa Ana that use tree trimming for more than just improving the aesthetic appeal of trees. The company also uses the tree care procedure to ensure homeowners are safe. While Cleophas Marvin’s project was simple enough and just involved ensuring the branches were at a height of about two-thirds on the tree trunk, it helped the homeowner avoid injuring his kids with his car when heading home or going to work.

“The crown on a tree should be at a height of about two-thirds from the base,” said the Tree Service Experts Santa Ana CEO. “If your tree is too short and having the crown on the upper third of the tree still creates invisibility, further crown raising may be needed. In the case of Cleophas, the trees had not been trimmed for a long time. For this reason, raising the tree crown to two-thirds instantly boosted the visibility and safety on his driveway.”

Even though Marvin’s project involved trimming 12 trees, Tree Service Experts Santa Ana completed the tree maintenance procedure in less than 5 hours. The company’s chief of field operations noted that this was made possible by years of experience and modern tree service tools.

“When we established Tree Service Experts Santa Ana more than 25 years ago,” said the company’s chief of field operations, “tree trimming was the first tree care procedure we offered. Although back in the first days we used manual climbing to reach the tree crown, we have already upgraded to modern tools like bucket trucks. When you combine the modern gear with our 2.5 decades of handling tree care procedures in Santa Ana, it becomes clear why we finish professional tree services in Santa Ana quickly.”

Tree Service Experts Santa Ana reportedly responded very quickly to Marvin’s tree service request. A little bit of research time helped our team of reporters discover that the company has a Same-Day service policy. However, the company prioritizes procedures that have risks attached to them.

“Even though Marvin’s project was not like the emergency trees services we handle in Santa Ana,” said the company’s CEO, “it still had the risk of causing harm. If Cleophas Marvin arrived or left home in a rush, he could easily knock down his kid. This is why our Santa Ana tree trimming team arrived on the client’s landscape less than 60 minutes after receiving the call.”

Tree Service Experts Santa Ana reportedly completed the tree trimming procedure on Marvin’s landscape at a very affordable price. Cleophas Marvin told one of our reporters that the company was over 50% cheaper than the team that had trimmed his trees 5 years back.

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