Tree Service Experts Santa Ana Handles Tree Removal for a Decaying Oak Tree

Santa Ana, California – When Johnson started noticing signs of ill-health on his oak tree, he decided to work with Tree Service Experts Santa Ana to determine the cause of these symptoms. After inspecting the tree, the team realized that the oak was decaying from the inside and it would be just a matter of time before it snapped and fell.

“They told me that the tree removal had to be conducted as soon as possible,” said Johnson. “If I waited longer, the tree could cost me thousands of dollars worth of repair costs. I asked them to come back the following day – which is today – and handle the tree removal. They were here earlier this morning. They completed the job successfully without harming my utilities.”

Tree Service Experts Santa Ana

“The tree removal project was a little bit complicated because we knew the tree might break unexpectedly,” said the company’s chief of field operations. “To make the procedure safe and to eliminate the chances of the tree falling unexpectedly, we decided to bring it down foot by foot from the tree crown down to the ground. Using our crane and bucket truck, we were able to bring down each piece we cut safely.”

Tree Service Experts Santa Ana is a company that has earned a name for itself in Sant Ana – and neighborhoods like San Marino, Yorba Linda, Newport Beach, Aliso Viejo, and Redondo Beach – for its ability to complete tree service procedures safely. The company is home to a tree trimming team Santa Ana, a tree pruning team, a stump removal team, and also handles emergency tree service Santa Ana.

The company notes that its team of tree cutting professionals puts a lot of focus on tree services that help expand the lifespan of trees. “We only use tree removal as a last solution,” noted the company's chief of field operations. “For example, in the case of Johnson’s oak tree, there was nothing that could be done for the tree – this is why we removed it. If we find a tree that has issues on its crown, we use tree trimming and pruning to restore health, safety, and aesthetic appeal on these trees, which eliminates the need to remove the trees.”

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