Tree Service Experts Santa Ana Creates a Separate Emergency Tree Removal Team

Santa Ana, California – Earlier this morning, Tree Service Experts Santa Ana CEO announced that he has decided to create a separate emergency tree service team. This announcement came after the number of people requesting emergency tree services at night grew from 5 to 10 per month within the last year.

“When we expanded our tree service zone to reach people in suburbs like Windsor Village North, West Grove Valley, Portola Park, South Coast, and Meredith Parkwood,” said the Tree Service Experts Santa Ana CEO, “the cases of tree emergencies has doubled in less than 12 months. Instead of dealing with an average of 5-night cases like we did before expanding, we are now dealing with an average of 10-night cases.”

The CEO noted that in the past the company was using the Santa Ana tree removal team to handle emergencies. Using the tree removal team for night emergencies almost always left the group sleep-deprived – this had started to affect the team’s performance.

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“Our emergency tree service team will now be handling the night emergencies,” said the CEO. “This will free the tree removal team and allow it to have a good night’s sleep. The emergency team, on the other hand, will always be free to catch up on their sleep during the daytime. During the daytime, the team will not have to worry about all the other services the company is supposed to be handling.”

The company reports that the emergency response team is made up of a team of qualified professionals with experience in all tree care procedures. The team has experience in tree pruning, tree removal, stump grinding, and even tree trimming.

Tree Service Experts Santa Ana has reportedly equipped its new emergency team with modern tree service tools. When handling tree removals, the company will be using a crane to control the falling direction of risky trees. This will ensure that the trees do not fall on important utilities. When using tree pruning to improve the safety of a tree crown – for example, in cases where a tree is threatening to drop branches – the team will be using a bucket truck instead of manual climbing.

“As you would expect,” said the company’s CEO, “the new emergency tree service team will be working every day of the week. When our regular tree trimming, tree removal, and tree pruning teams go home, the emergency team will be replacing them in the office, working through the night to make sure that the homeowners who call at night get help immediately.”

Tree Service Experts Santa Ana notes that the new team will be arriving at the emergency site less than 60 minutes after receiving the emergency tree service requests. According to the company’s CEO, the team understands that emergencies are more like ticking time bombs, with the time set to a very few minutes. This means that if the team procrastinates and waits for a long period before responding, the homeowner may end up suffering a lot of property damage.

“We will maintain an affordable price for the emergency tree service procedures,” said the company’s CEO. “We already know that tree emergencies are generally never planned for. Most homeowners often have to get money for the procedures through borrowing, especially if they are on a tight budget, with little or no extra money to spare.”

The CEO, however, advised homeowners to always communicate with their home insurer before paying for tree emergencies out of their pockets. According to the CEO, some home insurers are more than willing to finance unexpected tree emergencies.

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