Tree Service Experts Riverside Uses Tree Pruning to Save Diseased Landmark Tree

Riverside, California – When Janette and her husband noticed that one of the trees on their landscape was showing signs of ill-health, they contacted Tree Service Experts Riverside for help. Janette contacted the tree service company to ensure the tree stayed alive and continued serving the role of a landmark in the city.

After inspecting the tree, Tree Service Experts Riverside realized that its health problem had not reached its main trunk and tree pruning could get rid of the infected branches, giving the tree a chance to recover. The company sent its Riverside tree pruning team to Janette’s landscape yesterday. The team of tree cutting professionals in Riverside spent 1.5 hours working on the tree. By the time the team completed the procedure, the homeowner was satisfied with the results.

Tree Service Experts Riverside

“When the Tree Service Experts Riverside told us that we did not need prescriptions for the tree,” said Janette, “we were surprised at first. It was later that the company explained to us that tree pruning would remove the infected branches and keep the disease from jumping to other parts of the tree. The team was very effective when handling the tree pruning procedure – they carefully removed all the infected branches without damaging the tree’s aesthetic appeal. This is a company we will use again in the future.”

Tree Service Experts Riverside reportedly helps homeowners save their money on tree care procedures in Riverside. When our reporters were researching Tree Service Experts Riverside, they realized that the company always recommended the most affordable professional tree services in Riverside. In the case of Janette, the company recommended tree pruning because it was faster and a lot cheaper than purchasing a bunch of prescriptions and administering them on the tree for weeks.

“For years now,” said the Tree Service Experts Riverside CEO, “we have been saving trees from pests and diseases in Riverside using pruning. After conducting tree pruning on Janette’s landmark tree, we tested other sections of the tree to ensure that the disease had not infected the entire tree. From the look of things, the landmark tree will make a full recovery in 3 to 4 weeks.”

The Tree Service Experts Riverside CEO noted that for his Riverside tree pruning team to succeed at improving tree health, the homeowner has to catch the health problem early enough.

“Some tree diseases start attacking the tree on the leaves,” said the Tree Service Experts Riverside CEO, “From the leaves, the diseases move to the branch before finally landing on the main trunk. For some diseases, it can take a few weeks before the disease reaches the tree trunk. For other health problems, the disease may be on the tree trunk in less than one week.”

The CEO noted that tree pruning only works for diseases that have not reached the trunk. He indicated that when a disease reaches the trunk, the only solution is to use prescriptions to treat the tree.

“The best way to catch health problems early,” said the Tree Service Experts Riverside CEO, “Is to inspect trees regularly. When trees are sick, they display symptoms, much like humans and other living things do. If you notice signs like wilting, damaged leaves, etc. calling a tree care company could help you save the tree with tree pruning.”

Tree Service Experts Riverside reportedly uses modern tree service tools to ensure its tree pruning procedures are completed safely. When working on Jannette’s trees, the company used a bucket truck and power cutting tools to remove the infected branches. The company used ropes and a crane to lower the cut branches, eliminating the risk of property damage.

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