Tree Service Experts Riverside Uses Tree Pruning to Fix Productivity Issues on Client’s Orchard

Riverside, California - Tree Service Experts Riverside on Tuesday received a call from a client who was frustrated because his fruit trees – avocado, apple, and pear trees – were no longer as productive as they used to be. The homeowner – Mr. Timothy Clark – reported that for some reason, the productivity on his orchard had gone down by 50%.

“I established this orchard a decade ago,” said Mr. Clark. “Things were good for the first 5 years. Towards the end of 2016, I noticed a slight decline in productivity. I brushed this off and assumed that the productivity would go back to normal the following year. This, however, was not the case –productivity has been on the decline ever since. When I noticed that I was getting half of what I used to get from the orchard, I had to talk to experts to see if they had a solution I could use.”

After receiving Clark’s request, Tree Service Experts Riverside sent a team of tree cutting professionals to his home immediately. The team inspected the trees and determined that the only reason the trees’ productivity had gone down was the lack of tree pruning.

“Mr. Clark confirmed that his fruit trees had not been pruned or trimmed in the 10 years they have been on his landscape,” said one of the tree cutting professionals. “This was easy to see as the trees had very overcrowded crowns. The overcrowding on the tree crowns made photosynthesis impossible since most of the inner branches could not access sunlight. Additionally, the numerous branches have been competing for the limited nutrients the trees’ roots get from the soil.”

The tree cutting professional noted that without enough nutrients and photosynthesis, productivity was destined to keep going down. Through pruning, however, Tree Service Experts Riverside would remove the excess branches from the tree crowns, ensuring that all the remaining branches were accessing enough sunlight. The company’s Riverside tree pruning team would also improve air circulation and minimize nutrient competition – this would result in better productivity in the next fruit season.

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“When we informed Mr. Clark that tree pruning could fix his productivity problems,” said the company’s chief of field operations, “He could not believe us. He had always thought that the more branches a tree has, the more fruits it will produce. However, after explaining to him how trees operate, he agreed to let us work on his fruit trees.”

Tree Service Experts Riverside initiated the fruit tree pruning procedure the following day. Using its modern tree service tools, the company only needed 6 days to prune the 40 fruit trees on Mr. Clark’s landscape. After pruning the trees, the team of qualified professionals cleaned the entire landscape, putting the branches – and leaves – in its trucks and taking them to the nearest dumpsite.

“My trees look much better,” Mr. Clark told a reporter while admiring the work done by Tree Service Experts Riverside on his orchard, “Although it has only been 3 days since the tree pruning procedure, the trees are already looking greener and healthier. I am glad I selected Tree Service Experts Riverside for this project. The company was not just affordable – its team of qualified professionals also knew what it was doing.”

Mr. Clark informed the reporter that he would start investing in regular fruit tree maintenance. The homeowner noted that he will be working with Tree Service Experts Riverside every year to ensure his fruit trees are healthy and in a position to deliver a large number of high-quality fruits.

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