Tree Service Experts Nashville Successfully Works Around a Powerline During a Tree Trimming Procedure

Nashville, Tennessee – Yesterday, Tree Service Experts Nashville was faced with one of the most complicated tree service procedures. Its team of tree cutting professionals in Nashville had to trim a 124-foot cedar tree that was standing just 7 feet from the powerline. The company, however, impressed the tree owner – Mr. Jacob Ausman – after finishing the tree maintenance procedure without causing a power outage in his neighborhood.

“Finding a Nashville tree trimming team that was willing to handle a procedure as complicated as this was not easy,” said Jacob Ausman. “Before contacting Tree Service Experts Nashville, I had reached out to 5 other companies. While most of the companies were enthusiastic during the initial communication phase, my messages were often ignored just after the companies came out for tree inspection. If I had to guess, I would say that the project was intimidating to these companies, but they did not want to accept this fact.”

Jacob Ausman told our reporter that Tree Service Experts Nashville came out the same day he emailed the booking office seeking help with the cedar tree. After analyzing the tree, the company provided a quotation that the homeowner could not resist – the company’s price was way below what he had expected to pay. The company came back the following morning – which was yesterday – and completed the tree trimming procedure without touching the powerlines.

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We talked to the company’s chief of field operations to determine how his team completed the tree trimming procedure safely. The chief of field operations was very forthcoming with the details about the project.

“When it comes to handling complicated tree care procedures,” said the chief of field operations, “you have to begin with identifying the risks. Jacob’s tree was standing next to powerlines. Therefore, the biggest risk involved the cut branches landing on the powerlines. To keep the branches from falling unexpectedly, all we had to do was tie them with ropes before cutting. Next, once each branch detached from the main trunk, we had to bring it down slowly, controlling its path to keep it from coming close to the powerlines. We had a crane to help us control the cut branches.”

Tree Service Experts Nashville CEO noted that Jacob’s project – like many of the other risky projects his team has handled in the past – took longer to complete. However, his team was well compensated after factoring in the time for the procedure in the quotation sent to Jacob.

“There was no needed to rush,” said the company’s CEO. “Rushing can only make bad things happen – this is something we were planning to avoid. And since we were already getting enough money for the entire project, rushing was unnecessary.”

Jacob Ausman reported that Tree Service Experts Nashville impressed him with more than just safe tree trimming. The company also cleaned his home after the tree maintenance procedure. The team collected all the waste generated by the project, leaving Jacob’s home clean and appealing to the eye. The homeowner noted that he would be sticking with Tree Service Experts Nashville for the foreseeable future so that he can keep benefiting from the company’s impeccable services.

Tree Service Experts Nashville has worked in Tennessee for more than 25 years. Working with commercial and residential property owners in Nashville and suburbs like Brentwood, Gallatin, Smyrna, Mount Juliet, and Murfreesboro, the company has reportedly come across thousands of risky tree maintenance procedures. From our analysis, it seems like the experience the company has gained over the years came in handy in completing Jacob’s project safely.

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