Tree Service Experts Murrieta Uses Tree Trimming to Boost Home Selling Price by 30%

Murrieta, California – When Morrison decided to sell his property, he invited a few valuers and the price estimates he received did not match what he expected. When he searched online to see some of the factors that affect the selling price of a property, numerous websites pointed out curb appeal. That is when we decided to work with a tree service company to fix his overly overgrown trees.

“My neighbor had just had his trees trimmed,” said Morrison. “This was a few weeks before I got the idea of fixing my trees. I went over and asked him which company had handled the tree trimming for him. He recommended Tree Service Experts Murrieta, gave me their number and I called them immediately. The company surely has the best tree trimming team Murrieta – they did amazing things with my trees. Before the team worked on my trees, my property looked unattractive – today, my home looks like someone who has just come from the barber with a $500 haircut.”

Tree Service Experts Murrieta

“The thing with trees is that they are only capable of making a property attractive if they are attractive themselves,” said the Tree Service Experts Murrieta CEO. “Working with the right team of tree service providers can make the trees look sharp. This improves the aesthetic appeal of a property, which then improves the overall property value.”

After trimming his trees, Morrison invited several other valuers and was surprised when his property's value jumped from the previously mentioned 450,000 to 585,000.

“This came as a surprise to me,” said Morrison. “The trimming procedure cost me a total of less than $2000. It is funny how such a small amount managed to make me $135,000.”

Tree Service Experts Murrieta is a company that handles more than just tree trimming. Its team of tree cutting professionals Murrieta also handles tree pruning, tree removal, and emergency tree service Murrieta.

The company reports that while its offices are in Murrieta, its services are accessible to people outside the city. According to the company’s CEO, property owners in Central Park, Copper Canyon, La Cresta, Greer Ranch, Four Seasons, and even Bear Creek also benefit from the company’s services.

Tree Service Experts Murrieta base of operation is located at 41667 Ivy St, Murrieta, CA 92562, United States. Customers can talk to the company by calling +1 951-364-2861 or sending an email to


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