Tree Service Experts Louisville Lauded for Charging Half the Normal Tree Removal Cost to Remove a Fallen Tree

Louisville, Kentucky – Tree Service Experts Louisville on Wednesday left one of its customers impressed after removing a fallen tree at half the normal tree removal cost. The project involved removing a 150-foot white pine that had fallen on Jimmy Bannon’s backyard.

Tree Service Experts Louisville reportedly used its advanced power cutting machines to slice the tree into small pieces before grinding the tree stump to create level ground. To make sure that Jimmy Bannon had an attractive landscape, the company collected all the waste generated by the tree removal procedure and took it to the nearest dumpsite.

When a reporter contacted Jimmy Bannon for a comment on the tree removal procedure, the happy homeowner had the following to say, “I knew that working on 150 feet of wood would not be an easy task; and for this simple reason, I was prepared to pay the full price for the procedure. However, I didn’t even have to negotiate with the company’s team of tree cutting professionals in Louisville. When they sent an estimate after the inspection, I was surprised to see that the overall cost was only half the price I had in my head. It was a pleasant surprise as I knew I would spare some money to initiate the repairs for the damages put on my fence by the tree.”

Tree Service Experts Louisville took an estimated 2 hours to remove the white pine and grind its stump, something that the homeowner did not expect. Jimmy Bannon was expecting the company to take at least 5 hours on his project. However, using modern tree service tools, the Louisville tree removal team worked fast while taking all the necessary precautions to ensure that no further harm came to Jimmy’s landscape.

“It takes more than just experience to complete tree care procedures fast,” said the Tree Service Experts Louisville CEO in response to a question a reporter had asked about the company’s working speed. “Experience is nice as it helps our team identify the risks surrounding tree care procedures in Louisville. But it is the modern tools that help us do the work quickly. To give you an example, manual cutting tools would have taken the whole day to slice up the tree. Power cutting tools took less than an hour. Using manual lifting to put the logs in our truck would have taken hours – our crane, on the other hand, took minutes. This is the power of having good tools.”

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Tree Service Experts Louisville is not new in Kentucky. While its services are largely enjoyed by the people in Louisville city, the company has also made its name outside the city’s boundaries, in neighborhoods like Crestwood, Windy Hills, Hurstbourne Acres, Anchorage, and Prospect.

“We have been offering professional tree services in Louisville for the past 2.5 decades,” said the company’s chief of field operations. “Over the years, we have seen requests for professional tree services grow. However, it was not until we had been in business for close to 10 years that we started receiving requests from outside Louisville. I guess those outside Louisville needed more time to review our successful projects and determine whether they can hire us or not.”

Tree Service Experts Louisville chief of field operations noted that Tree Service Experts Louisville is more than capable to handle all tree-related issues. In addition to fallen tree removal, the chief of field operations said that his team also handles tree pruning, tree trimming, and emergency tree services in Louisville.

Tree Service Experts Louisville base of operation is located at 321 Townepark Cir, Louisville, KY 40243, United States. The company, however, can be contacted via 502-771-8970 and


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