Tree Service Experts Louisville Helps Property Owners Understand the Difference Between Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning

Louisville, Kentucky – After being invited to homes to conduct tree pruning only to realize that the homeowner meant tree trimming, Tree Service Experts Louisville has decided to help property owners differentiate the two tree services. To do this, the company organized a Lunch n’ Learn event in which one property owner from each neighborhood was invited.

Speaking at the event, the company’s CEO had the following to say, “Tree Service Experts Louisville has a department for each major tree service procedure. This means that our tree trimming team Louisville possesses special skills that are only suitable for tree trimming. We dispatch a different team when our customers request tree pruning.”

Tree Service Experts Louisville

Tree Service Experts Louisville noted that tree pruning is the service used when tree crowns have major problems that threaten the safety of the surrounding areas. “Our tree pruning team helps restore safety,” said the company’s chief of staff. “To do this, the team removes broken branches and limbs showing signs of detaching from the tree and falling. By removing these branches before they fall, the team helps homeowners avoid injuries and property damage.”

The company also indicated that tree pruning is effective for tree health. “We also use tree pruning to boost the health of a tree,” said the chief of staff. “In this case, our tree cutting professionals Louisville remove branches carrying health problems. This keeps the disease from spreading and killing the tree.”

Talking about tree trimming, the company’s CEO had the following to say, “Tree trimming is conducted more regularly than tree pruning. This is because the tree maintenance procedure improves the aesthetic appeal of trees. It helps homes and commercial properties shine, which often results in a higher overall value.”

The company noted that tree trimming is conducted when trees start losing their natural shape or show signs of an overgrown crown.

To close the Lunch n’ Learn event, the company’s chief of field operations noted the following, “Tree Service Experts Louisville does not just handle tree pruning and tree trimming. We also handle tree removal, stump removal, and emergency tree service Louisville. We handle every tree-related service, ensuring that trees in Louisville and neighborhoods like Indian Hills, Northfield, Anchorage, Windy Hills, Crestwood, Prospect, and Hurstbourne Acres are healthy, safe, and attractive.”

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