Tree Service Experts Louisville Helps Homeowner Establish First Urban Forest

Louisville, Kentucky – When Paul decided to plant his first trees in his home, he was not sure where to start – he did not know the trees to choose, how to plant the trees, and how to take care of the trees after planting. Trying to understand how to go about establishing his first urban forest, he reached out to Tree Service Experts Louisville for guidance.

“When I called them,” said Paul, “they did not hesitate to accept my request for guidance. They said they would send a professional to come and see my soil and landscape – this would help them recommend the right trees. They kept their word and sent a professional – this was last week but one. Throughout last week, we have been working on planting the trees – now, it is only a matter of time before the trees mature and make my landscape appealing.”

Tree Service Experts Louisville

“We have been offering tree care services for more than 25 years,” said the company’s CEO. “This has helped us understand the tree species that do well in this part of Kentucky. Additionally, we have professionals on our team with years of formal training – the professionals understand what needs to be done during tree planting, initial growth period, and maturity. These are the things that made our team the best option for Paul when he decided to establish an urban forest.”

Tree Service Experts Louisville notes that its team specializes in more than just tree planting services. The company indicates that it also helps homeowners with tree removals, tree trimming, tree pruning, and emergency tree service Louisville.

“The good thing is that these services are not just accessible to homeowners in the city of Louisville alone,” noted the company CEO. “We also work with homeowners in suburbs like Indian Hills, Hurstbourne, Northfield, Anchorage, Crestwood, Windy Hills, and more.”

The company’s team of tree cutting professionals Louisville is loved for taking into consideration all the customer’s needs before initiating a tree service procedure. The company notes that its tree trimming team Louisville listens to the customer’s needs before getting started with the procedure to understand the kind of look he/she wants on his trees.

Tree Service Experts Louisville offices are located at 321 Townepark Cir, Louisville, KY 40243, United States. Customers, however, can communicate with the company very easily – all they have to do is call 502-771-8970 or send an email to


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