Tree Service Experts Long Beach Uses Tree Pruning to Keep a Disease from Spreading

Long Beach, California – When Michael was strolling in the landscape surrounding his home, he noticed something peculiar with his trees. The leaves looked rusty and the tree did not have a vibrance that is characteristic of pine trees when they are healthy. Immediately, he decided to call Tree Service Experts Long Beach for an assessment.

“The professionals told me that I made a wise decision calling them immediately,” said Michael, “If I had waited longer, the disease would have jumped from the branches onto the main trunk. Then it would have been a few weeks until the trees were dead.”

Tree Service Experts Long Beach

“We were so happy that Michael did not wait before calling us,” said the company’s chief of field operations. “His quick action saved 5 trees that would have probably died in a few weeks. The fact that we caught the disease early allowed us to use tree pruning to remove the diseased branches. This kept the disease from spreading. This will help the tree recover fully with time.”

Tree Service Experts Long Beach boasts a team of tree cutting professionals Long Beach that has enough knowledge and experience to handle different types of tree service procedures. The company is known for its tree trimming team Long Beach which helps homeowners restore beauty on trees with overgrown branches.

“We also handle tree removals,” said the company’s CEO. “In fact, property owners call us the best tree removal company Long Beach because of our team’s ability to bring down risky trees without harming neighboring utilities. We, however, only remove trees that cannot be saved – this includes dead trees, diseased trees, and trees that have already turned into hazards.”

Tree Service Experts Long Beach noted that its tree removals are always followed by stump removal. The company indicated that leaving stumps on landscapes creates hazards that can cause accidents or damage vehicles and lawn maintenance tools.

“Emergency tree service Long Beach is another service that has brought us closer to property owners in this city,” said the company’s chief of field operations. “We respond to emergency requests in less than 60 minutes. We do our best to help property owners avoid the risks associated with unexpected tree damages.”

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