Tree Service Experts Long Beach Helps New Homeowner Replace Dying Trees with Attractive Ornamental Trees

Long Beach, California – When Millicent and her husband arrived on their new property in Long Beach, they realized that most of the trees on the landscape were on the verge of dying. Even though the trees had not lost their green leaves, they did not give the property an aesthetically appealing look. To create an environment that the entire family could enjoy, Millicent decided to hire Tree Service Experts Long Beach for a tree removal procedure. Tree Service Experts Long Beach has spent the last 2 days bringing down the dying trees.

After tree removal, Millicent wanted to replace the removed trees with young, healthy, and aesthetically appealing trees. Her only problem was that she was new in Long Beach. This made it extremely hard for her to determine which ornamental trees would perform well on her landscape. Luckily for her, Tree Service Experts Long Beach was willing to help her choose the best trees.

Tree Service Experts Long Beach

Speaking after working with Tree Service Experts Long Beach, Millicent noted the following about her experience, “The Long Beach tree removal team was here very early in the morning to get started with what could have been one of their biggest projects. They knew they would be removing more than 15 trees and they came ready to handle the entire procedure. The project took two days – this is probably because the trees were too close to important utilities which made the removal procedures more complicated. They cleared the landscape and helped us get it ready for new trees. The company’s CEO even gave us a list of ornamental trees that do well in this part of the city. We cannot thank this company enough.”

Tree Service Experts Long Beach is known for responding quickly to dead tree removal requests. The company reportedly removes dead trees quickly to keep them from decaying from the inside, becoming weak and then breaking and falling on properties unexpectedly. The company’s CEO was impressed when Millicent decided to remove the trees on her landscape before they were fully dead.

“Trees are living things,” said the company’s CEO, “and when their lifespan runs out, they die just like human beings and animals. Keeping dying trees on your landscape is not the best thing to do, especially if you want your curb appeal to stand out positively. We were happy when we received a call from Millicent – we knew she wanted to have healthy trees on her landscape. To make her project a success, we worked extra hard and even advised her on the best trees to plant. We are happy to see that she thinks we are a good company to work with.”

To make Millicent’s tree planting procedure easier, Tree Service Experts Long Beach did not just remove the dying trees. The company’s team of tree cutting professionals in Long Beach also pulled out the tree stumps together with the roots.

“While there was no risk of the stumps growing new shoots,” said the Tree Service Experts Long Beach CEO, “because, obviously the trees were dying, the stumps could have made tree replanting impossible. Even if Millicent decide to plant her trees between the tree stumps, chances are, the growth of these trees would have been affected by the stumps that would have blocked root development. The only way we could have ensured the success of Millicent’s project was to pull out the stumps together with their roots.”

Tree Service Experts Long Beach followed the stump removal procedure with the cleanup. The company’s CEO noted that cleaning up the landscapes was one of the best ways to make things easier for Millicent and her husband when they were putting their new ornamental trees in the ground.

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