Tree Service Experts Lexington Opens Up a Residential Property in Lexington City

Lexington, Kentucky – A standout tree service company operating in Lexington city, Tree Service Experts Lexington has helped a property owner open up his new property, creating a better view of the surroundings and allowing the sun to reach his patio every morning. According to the property owner, Tree Service Experts Lexington just used expert tree trimming and tree pruning to increase accessibility.

The happy property owner had the following to say, “I bought this property at the beginning of 2020. And before working with Tree Service Experts Lexington, it always felt like I was living in a forest, secluded from civilization. When I invited one of the company’s professionals to suggest what needs to be done to open up the property, he was very thorough with his suggestions. We did an estimate and the company arrived early the next day and went to work. I left the team to work alone as I had other commitments. When I came back, I was amazed by the work they had done. They even cleaned up and took all the waste to the dumpsite.”

Tree Service Experts Lexington

Tree Service Experts Lexington is a company that has years of tree service experience. The company’s professionals are also experienced in landscaping. Using its experience and modern tree service gear, the tree service company delivers maximum results when it comes to giving properties a facelift. Since opening its base of operation in Lexington over 2 years ago, the company has earned a name for itself for delivering maximum benefits with tree pruning and trimming.

“Trees are supposed to act as natural ornaments,” said the company’s CEO. “But when you ignore them, they will grow out of shape and turn ugly. Luckily for you, working with a team of professionals can restore your trees shape and aesthetic appeal. This should make your property appealing to look at.”

Tree Service Experts Lexington reports that it handles all tree care procedures. In addition to trimming and pruning trees, the company also handles tree removal, emergency tree services, and stump removals. Equipped with modern tree service tools, the company reports that it can make all these tree care procedures non-risky to neighboring trees and utilities.

Tree Service Experts Lexington base of operation is located at 2285 Executive Dr, Lexington, KY 40505, United States. Those who would like to request a tree service procedure or ask a question, simply dial 859-517-4272.


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