Tree Service Experts Lexington Lauded for Being Professional and Caring While Handling a Tree Removal Procedure

Lexington, Kentucky – After years of working with other tree service providers, Hatla Mayt finally decided to give Tree Service Experts Lexington a try. She noted that the company was more professional and caring than any of the other companies she had worked with before. The company completed the tree removal procedure, ground the stump, and cleaned her yard, sidewalk and driveway before leaving.

Speaking after working with Tree Service Experts Lexington, Hatla Mayt had the following to say, “I highly recommend Tree Service Experts Lexington! I have never worked with such a professional, caring, company. It was a pleasure working with the Tree Service Experts Lexington crew. I had a tree removed and the stump ground. My yard, sidewalk, and driveway were all immaculate when they finished the job.”

Tree Service Experts Lexington

“When we established Tree Service Experts Lexington,” said the company’s CEO, “it was supposed to be a family-owned business for life. Over the years, we have been treating our customers like members of the family – when working on a tree service procedure, we work harder than each client expects. This helps us provide maximum benefits with each tree service procedure. While other tree service providers would have left Hatla’s landscape dirty and messy after removing the tree and stump, our team treated her like family and cleaned up after the tree service procedure.”

Working hard to protect its title of the best tree removal company Lexington, Tree Service Experts Lexington ensures that all its tree removal procedures are completed without property damage. The company also offers additional services, like stump removal and cleanup to improve safety and promote order on landscapes. To learn more about the services offered by Tree Service Experts Lexington during tree removal, check the company’s website here:

“Our team of tree cutting professionals Lexington is not just good at removing trees,” said the company’s CEO, “we also have a tree trimming team Lexington, a tree pruning team, and an emergency tree service Lexington team. While the tree trimming team is improving the aesthetic appeal of trees, our tree pruning team restores health and safety on tree crowns.”

While Tree Service Experts Lexington has its offices in Lexington City, the company reports that its services are accessible to property owners outside the city. The company also works with people living in suburbs like Versailles, Nicholasville, Winchester, Lawrenceburg, and Frankfort.

Tree Service Experts Lexington base of operation is located at 2285 Executive Dr, Lexington, KY 40505, United States. Customers, however, can reach the company via +1 859-517-4272 and


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