Tree Service Experts Lexington Handles Emergency Tree Removal in the Middle of the Night

Lexington, Kentucky – A company that has been offering emergency tree services in Lexington for the past 25 years, Tree Service Experts Lexington helped a homeowner avoid property damages worth thousands of dollars last night. After receiving an emergency tree service call from Jacob Austin at 11 pm, the company arrived at the emergency site at around 11:30 pm and worked hard to safely bring down a damaged 100-foot white pine.

“My tree had been decaying from the inside for a long time,” said Jacob Austin. “However, with me being on the road almost every day, I did not notice the problem until it was too late. Yesterday, I was woken up by the tree cracking. When I went outside, I found the tree leaning dangerously on a much weaker tree – I knew the tree could not support the white pine until the next morning. This meant that I had to find a solution in the middle of the night. Luckily, I contacted Tree Service Experts Lexington and the team came out in less than 30 minutes. Despite working on a cold Friday night, the company still charged me a very affordable cost.”

Tree Service Experts Lexington

Tree Service Experts Lexington is known for calling tree emergencies ticking time bombs. The company uses this phrase to point out the fact that tree emergencies may result in expensive property damages – and injuries – if the risky trees are not taken care of immediately. Tree Service Experts Lexington reportedly responds to tree-related emergencies in less than an hour. Over the years, the fast response has helped thousands of homeowners avoid breaking their bank accounts to repair their homes.

“We help commercial and residential property owners eliminate tree hazards in Lexington,” said the company’s CEO, “and when it comes to tree emergencies, we have always known that immediate response is the key to helping homeowners avoid spending their money on property repairs. Armed with modern tree service tools, we can safely handle all types of tree emergencies. Last night, we slowly brought down a damaged, 100-foot pine, without causing property damage.”

Even with its ability to respond quickly to tree emergencies, Tree Service Experts Lexington still stresses the importance of catching problematic trees before they turn into immediate risks that need emergency removal.

“If Jacob Austin had inspected his trees more often,” said the company’s CEO, “he would have caught the pine tree long before it cracked and stressed his healthy tree for almost 30 minutes. Trees with safety issues always show signs. For example, the damaged tree on Jacob Austin’s landscape had mushrooms growing all over it. The tree also had ants eating away on its base. These two signs would have told the homeowner that it is time to remove the tree.”

Tree Service Experts Lexington noted that discovering damaged trees early enough can also help homeowners reduce the amount they spend on tree removal.

“When we have to wake up our team of tree cutting professionals in Lexington for a tree removal procedure,” said the company’s chief of field operations, “we often end up charging our customers a higher overall cost. This is necessary to compensate the professionals for working at night.”

“Although we tried to keep the cost of removing Jacob Austin’s tree as affordable as possible,” added the chief of field operations, “the homeowner would have paid a lower tree removal cost if he had called us during normal work hours.”

Tree Service Experts Lexington reportedly has a team that can help homeowners like Jacob Austin on time. The company’s hazard assessment service is very affordable and involves a professional tree checkup that is conducted regularly by the company’s team of tree care professionals.

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