Tree Service Experts Lexington Donates 200 Trees to Property Owners in Lexington City

Lexington, Kentucky – As a way to give back to the community, Tree Service Experts Lexington has donated an estimated 200 trees in Lexington City and its suburbs. The company noted that one of its main goals in the tree donation project is to expand the city’s urban forest.

“We have noticed that people no longer add new trees to their homes,” said the company’s CEO after the tree donation event. “This is not a good sign for our urban forest considering that trees are removed from the properties around Lexington City almost daily. Our goal is to help property owners plant more trees every year than the number that is removed. This is why we had to take the very first step and give away trees for free.”

Tree Service Experts Lexington

Home to experienced tree service professionals, Tree Service Experts Lexington is a company that handles all types of tree care procedures. Labeled the best tree removal company Lexington, Tree Service Experts Lexington helps property owners in Lexington and neighborhoods like Versailles, Frankfort, Richmond, Winchester, Nicholasville, and Georgetown, get rid of trees that cannot be saved. However, while the company is capable of handling all types of tree removals, Tree Service Experts Lexington maintains that it often advises against the procedure when its team comes across a tree whose lifespan can be expanded.

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Using its tree trimming team Lexington, Tree Service Experts Lexington has been known to help commercial and residential property owners restore their tree’s aesthetic appeal. Through tree pruning, the company removes risky, damaged, and diseased branches from the crown of trees in Lexington, making the trees safe and healthy again.

Tree Service Experts Lexington has managed to make a name for itself by offering the best emergency tree service Lexington. Keeping its lines open on a 24/7 basis, the company reports that it can respond to emergency tree service requests day and night. “The time between when we receive an emergency tree service request and when we get at the emergency site is generally less than an hour,” said the company’s chief of field operations. “We aim to keep improving our emergency response time to help homeowners avoid the expensive repair costs often associated with tree emergencies.”

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