Tree Service Experts Lexington Creates a Free Protection Plan for a Landmark Tree Ahead of a Construction Project

Lexington, Kentucky – When the Kentucky state government announced that it intended to construct a new building next to a tree that is considered a landmark in Lexington, Tree Service Experts Lexington decided to step in and protect the tree. The company designed a protection plan and implemented it for free, ensuring that the tree wouldn’t suffer from the heavy machines that will be arriving from next week.

“When we started Tree Service Experts Lexington over 25 years ago,” said the company’s CEO, “our main goal was to protect this city’s urban forest. Our creating a protection plan for the heritage tree is more than just a way of giving back to the community – it is also a way to show Lexington residents that it is important that we protect our trees.”

Tree Service Experts Lexington

Established 2.5 decades ago to serve residents in the city of Lexington, Tree Service Experts Lexington has since expanded its areas of service to suburbs like Wilmore, Georgetown, Versailles, Frankfort, Richmond, Nicholasville, Winchester, and Lawrenceburg.

A company that only had a tree trimming team Lexington when it was established, Tree Service Experts Lexington list of services has expanded. Today, the company also handles tree pruning, tree removal, stump removal, and emergency tree service Lexington.

“We have an experienced team,” noted the company’s CEO, “and advanced tree service tools that make complicated tree service procedures easy for us. A combination of experience and the best tools in the industry has earned us the title of the best tree removal company Lexington because of our ability to remove complicated trees without harming their surroundings.”

Tree Service Experts Lexington notes that tree removal is the last option when it comes to tree care procedures. The company indicates that since its goal is to keep as many trees as possible alive, its team only uses tree removal on trees that cannot be saved.

“Tree removal is a perfect solution when you have dead or dying trees, trees that are blocking property development projects, trees that are carrying untreatable diseases, trees that are unstable and showing signs of falling, and trees that are causing damage on your property,” said the company’s chief of field operations. “However, if your tree has an overgrown crown or a few infected branches, tree pruning and trimming can fix these issues.”

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