Tree Service Experts Irvine Uses Professional Pruning to Save a Heritage Tree

Irvine, California – A company that puts a lot of focus on extending the lifespan of trees in Irvine, Tree Service Experts Irvine has saved a tree with its professional tree pruning service. The tree, which is over 100 years old and over 120 feet tall, is said to be a crucial landmark in Irvine.

“When we were invited to work on the tree,” said the company’s chief of field operations, “the owners wanted us to remove it. The tree had shown all the signs of an unhealthy tree. However, after inspecting the tree, we determined that the disease had only affected several branches and had not reached the main trunk. We determined that if we could remove the infected limbs, the tree may get its health back. Since pruning, we have monitored the tree for 4 weeks and it has continued to get better.”

Tree Service Experts Irvine

Tree Service Experts Irvine is a company that helps property owners in Irvine keep their trees healthy, safe, and aesthetically appealing. The company reports that it uses tree trimming to improve the beauty of trees and tree pruning to restore tree health and safety.

The company also offers tree removal for trees that cannot be saved. “Tree removal has never been our favorite tree service,” said the company’s CEO. “However, this procedure may become the only option when a tree is standing in the way of a property development project. Also, if a tree has been damaged irreversibly by inclement weather or it is already dead, we may need to remove it to create space for new, healthy trees.”

Tree Service Experts Irvine reports that it also helps property owners with stump removal after removing trees. “Stumps turn into hazards with time,” said the company’s chief of field operation. “When the tree stump gets covered with overgrowth, it may keep damaging your lawn maintenance gear or causing accidents. We offer two stump removal options – stump grinding and complete stump removal. The first option is ideal for homeowners who would like to improve safety while the second option is perfect for property owners who would like to use the space occupied by the tree stump.”

Tree Service Experts Irvine offices are located at 17971 Sky Park Cir, Irvine, CA 92614, United States. The company is accepting new clients. To talk to the company’s customer support department, simply dial 657-332-1008.


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