Tree Removal Service Expands Operations In Nashville

Chuckwood Tree Service, based in Nashville, Tennessee, is pleased to share that they are offering new services in the area. Their team of experts can provide tree maintenance and removal services at reasonable prices for the local community.

The local authorities in Nashville are very devoted to taking care of its trees, as seen on different programs launched by the local government when it comes to tree planting and maintenance. However, dying, damaged and fallen trees need urgent attention as they may cause damage to nearby properties and present a physical danger to residents in the vicinity. This is just one of the instances where Chuckwood Tree Service may offer their services. Some of the available options include removal, trimming, pruning and so on, all at affordable rates.

When considering the removal services offered, the company website explains that one of the most obvious reasons to remove a tree is if it is already dead. Dead trees have weak foundations as well as fragile limbs and branches, thereby exposing lives and property to danger. It can topple down when strong winds blow, for instance, and large limbs and branches may fall at any time. In addition, dead and decaying trees can be breeding grounds for pests that then damage adjacent trees and plants on a property’s premises. Furthermore, diseases or infestations on trees can infect other healthy trees that will then lead to their deterioration and death. If trees are dead, diseased or infected, there is no choice but to remove it to avoid greater problems.

Tree Removal can also help one better utilize land for a house or commercial establishment. Since Nashville is a city where rural and suburban areas meet, service cost will depend on the location of the tree to be removed and its size.

Tree Stump Removal is also a service offered by Chuckwood. A tree stump needs to be removed immediately once the tree is cut down. It is not only unsightly, it can also lead to accidents. The average cost of tree stump removal in Nashville is approximately $110. Depending on the circumference and the depth of the stump, service cost may range from $79 to $141. The price also includes the hauling service. Services such as tree trimming are also done by the company. It is easily understood that well-kept trees accentuate beautiful landscapes, and this is why there is always a need for trees to be trimmed, pruned and cut in the appropriate fashion. Tree maintenance costs differ depending on the type and number of trees involved in the job. It can start as low as $395 and peak at $588. On average, a homeowner can pay $491 for tree maintenance in the Nashville area. Stump Grinding may also be an option in certain cases.

The company is also vigilant of state regulations. Any person or entity is required to prepare a written application which must be submitted to the zoning administrator before a tree may be removed. It should be accompanied by pertinent documents, such as a list of trees onsite, a plan for disposing the tree, proposed building and site plan granting that the area will be used for a particular purpose. However, one must note no permit will be granted for the removal of protected and heritage trees unless damaged and weakened by age, abuse, storm or fire. Permission may also be given if the damaged tree may cause injury to people and to properties. Chuckwood also makes it a concern to advise clients about when is the best time to remove a tree in Nashville. With the changing weather — and tornado season — weakened and fallen trees should be removed right away, particularly if they pose a danger to people and property. However, if tree removal is not urgently required, the company advises that it is better to save it for the colder months.

Rita Woodruff rates the company 5 Stars on the Google platform, indicating that the company displays solid professional conduct and delivers a high standard of service. She also states, “Thanks to the guys at Chuckwood. We had a tree hanging over our detached garage after the storms, and they came and safely removed it. They also took care of our stump removal as well. Great service!”

To learn more about the services offered by Chuckwood Tree Service - Nashville, one may visit the company website. For further inquiries, one may also call or email the company directly.


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