Tree Removal Expert Has Advice for Those That Want to Cut Down Trees Near a Powerline in Southern NJ

Laricks Complete Tree Service out of Villas, NJ is a company that knows that some tree tasks can be dangerous if not performed by tree professionals such as them. This is most certainly the case with trimming or completely removing trees around power lines. A task that can be very dangerous because the high moisture content found in trees makes them an excellent conductor of electricity. One wrong move by someone in Villas, Cape May, or other Southern New Jersey locations when cutting down trees around power lines can even be fatal. Since safety is always this respected tree removal company’s main priority, the staff at Laricks Complete Tree Service decided to write a new blog article on this very important topic. The company has many more helpful bogs such as this one posted on its website which can be found at

Mikey Laricks, the company owner, says, “Taking down a tree is dangerous enough and that danger only increases that much further if a tree is growing near a power line. That’s why we emphasize so strongly that tree removal is always best left to professionals, especially if a tree is growing close to a power line. We hope that those who read out latest blog post will get a better understanding of why they should never attempt to remove a tree or cut off limbs that are growing near a power line.”

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This new Laricks Complete Tree Service blog started by once again emphasizing that trees are an excellent conductor of electricity. It also mentioned that even tree limbs that are just growing close to power lines can conduct electricity. The article talked about how limbs repeatedly blowing against power lines can wear off the protective insulation and create a dangerous situation too. There is no way for most homeowners to tell if a tree near a power line poses a safety risk or not, so that’s why tree removal and trimming near power lines should only be professionally done. This blog also talked about how tree professionals such as those at Laricks Complete Tree Service have the know-how and equipment to handle safely working around trees that are near or coming into contact with power lines. The article ended by saying the professional arborists at their company are always happy to inspect a property where a homeowner has concerns about trees growing too close to power lines and answer any other tree questions or concerns they have at the same time. Those interested in reading this entire blog post can do so here at

Customers that have used Laricks Complete Tree Service to remove trees around power lines and do other tree removal tasks have been very satisfied with the results. Mkgtmg stated, “Mike and his crew showed up when they said they would and completed the job as promised. Will definitely refer them to any friends and family who need tree work done.” Rich Hooyman’s 5-star review proclaimed, “I would highly recommend Laricks Complete Tree Services. Mike and his crew did an excellent job removing several trees from my property. Mike was prompt, affordable, and fast. He will be coming back this fall to do more tree work at my property.”

The company owner also went on to say that they do much more than just tree trimming and removal services. This includes getting rid of any stumps left behind after any tree has been taken down. That way the ground area where a tree once stood can be replanted, repurposed, or even have structures built on it. He added that they are also available 24/7 to handle any tree emergencies that may come their customers' way. Many local homeowners and contractors also call on them for any lot or brush clearing projects that need to be done. The company’s crews can even handle a variety of landscape maintenance & design tasks and do winter snow removal.

For more information on the many different tree and landscape design services that Laricks Complete Tree Service offers, the company can be reached by phone, email, or by website contact form. Another good source of information on the company’s reputable tree and other services is its Facebook page which can be viewed at

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