Treatment Center Touts Benefits Of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Teens

Boise, Idaho — Imagine by Northpoint, a Boise-based adolescent treatment center, is helping their community learn more about cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and how much it can help teens suffering from mental illness or instability.

The center understands no parent wants to see their child battling to take control of their mental health, so their team is eager to highlight how CBT can give many families renewed hope for their future. “The need for structured treatment for our country’s preteens and teenagers is growing daily, and the need for knowledge to spread to parents is of the utmost importance,” an Imagine by Northpoint spokesperson said. For many, incorporating CBT into their treatment program can be exactly what they need.

Many may believe a rise in mental illness reflects a deeper issue with society that was not present in previous generations. While this may be true in some respects (such as where social media and the constant exposure to various triggers is concerned), the center emphasizes that this does not represent the full picture. Instead, it should be taken into account that the field of psychology and its associated therapies have progressed to the point that it is now easier to identify mental illness when it occurs. In the past, an individual with such difficulties may have simply been ignored — or worse, persecuted.

Imagine by Northpoint believes a more empathetic approach can be much more effective, a perspective that has been supported countless times by evidence that only grows with each passing day. This is especially true for young adults and children.

CBT primarily focuses on two aspects of a patient’s life: the way they take in knowledge from the world around them, and how they express or conduct themselves (in other words, their cognition and their behavior). It also takes the patient’s immediate concerns into account exclusively, excluding their past and future concerns as much as possible. As a result, a patient undergoing CBT can dedicate their attention solely to specific thoughts and learn how to identify what these thoughts represent. The next step allows them to learn how they may stop or deal with such thoughts in a healthy manner.

Imagine by Northpoint says CBT is highly effective in dealing with a variety of mental health disorders, including anxiety, depression, phobias, and more. It has also helped patients address eating disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), and more. The center explains it is normal for people to have disruptive or unusual thoughts that may otherwise seem highly concerning out of context. However, people can ignore or express these thoughts in a healthy manner (where they do not hurt themselves or anyone else) in most situations. The problem arises when the intrusive thought feeds on itself, developing into a pattern that overcomes the patient’s ability to think about or do anything else.

CBT, however, teaches patients to identify their thoughts and actively decide not to engage with them if they are harmful. Several methods can be used to accomplish this, including mindfulness, exposure therapy, activity scheduling, journaling, and more. A patient need not undergo every method to achieve a healthier mental state, but the sheer variety of available techniques also means that anyone can find a method that suits them with the help of a therapist.

The programs offered at Imagine by Northpoint have helped many young people get their lives back on track and pursue more healthy relationships and goals. This is evident in the feedback the company has received. For instance, one 5-Star Google review from Meghan D. says, “I appreciate the support Northpoint, especially Danielle, has offered adolescents and their caregivers in the community. I have gotten same-day (sometimes same-hour/minute) responses from Danielle regarding needs. I have seen positive results on the other side of the PHP level of treatment at Northpoint and am grateful for their presence in the Valley and for all their support for clinicians and families who need high quality, high-level care for teens.”

Imagine by Northpoint in Boise specializes in using CBT to help adolescents overcome various mental health disorders, and they are always ready to provide more information to those who have additional inquiries on the subject.


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