Treatment Center Targets Substance Use and Mental Health in Teen Texas Women

Roots Renewal Ranch Delivers Treatment to Adolescent Girls Most in Need

Argylw, TexasRoots Renewal Ranch has set its sights on changing the lives of many young women battling substance use and mental health disorders in North Texas. Located just north of Dallas/Fort Worth, Roots Renewal Ranch provides help to adolescent girls ages 13-17.

Roots Renewal Ranch Treatment - Roots Adolescent Renewal Ranch

“(We) specialize in the unique challenges faced by adolescent girls,” a Roots Renewal Ranch spokesperson said. “Through a comprehensive, whole-child (biological-psychological-social-spiritual) approach, implemented in a safe, nurturing, and undistracted environment, individuals will journey through their life story, discover their core roots, create a loving sense of self, reconnect with family and community, build hope in a healthy and purposeful life, and develop a convicted belief that they are enough.”

Many studies have shown that substance use at a young age can have a large impact on the development of the brain and its functions. It is also well known that many substance use disorders stem from mental health disorders. The damage done during developmental years can have an impact throughout adulthood.

“Our vision at Roots is to help cleanse, equip, empower, and renew the girls in our care so that they can reach their full potential,” the spokesperson said. “By doing this, we want them to realize they are strong enough to face any challenge and overcome anything they’re struggling with.”

Roots Renewal Ranch is a multi-acre residential facility that creates a healing environment for girls to learn skills that can help them live out their best future. The ranch also promotes the healing power of animal therapy. As part of a child’s stay at Roots, they will help care for the many animals living on the ranch, including alpacas, dogs, and chickens.

The girls also participate in many healing outdoor activities, such as ropes courses, fishing, archery, gardening, hiking/walking, camping, and more.

To learn more about their services at Roots Renewal Ranch, visit their website or call (888) 399-0489.


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