Traverse City Roofing 5 Star Review Drawing Widespread Attention

Another recent 5 Star Review for Traverse City Roofing has drawn inquiries from all over the tri-state area, according to a company spokesman, James Thomas. "Unlike many companies, we still do roofing in the winter which is something not many customers are aware of. Many companies stop completely whereas we do not. The latest review along with some earlier ones is causing more people than usual to seek our services." he said. "And some of these inquiries are from out of state," he added.

The company has drawn more than 20 five-star reviews, and this shows the popularity of and quality of their work. Their services encompass both residential and commercial roofs of all descriptions. They also install vinyl and wood siding. Mr. Thomas said, "It's a common misconception that 'all' the company does is roofing," he added. "That is not the case as we also do siding, among other things. Even if a customer just took just a quick look at the feedback we have received for both roofing and installing siding, it is obvious that we go the extra mile for our customers."

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TraverseCityRoofing offers other services too. The company provides snow removal from flat roofs, decks, roof repair, and even emergency roof repair when the going gets really tough. They do interior roof repair as well. The company's website goes into detail about what the company does.

A quick perusal of the company's reviews should make prospective customers realize that Traverse City does its utmost to go above and beyond the expectations of the average. "We believe that unless every customer is happy, we have not fully done the best that we can and should do."

A former customer, Jim Beaver, said that in his experience Traverse City went far beyond the proverbial call of duty. "I had ordered a particular color of metal roofing, and then at the last moment that color was not available, and my choices were to either wait or to go with a different color of roofing. I decided to go ahead and use the roofing that they had on hand. They started the job and then my wife and daughters came back and disagreed completely, and we decided to change our order. The company was completely polite and professional, removed what had already been done, and changed the order for us, came back, and installed the other color perfectly. I couldn't have been more pleased about both the work and their professionalism in an awkward situation."

As noted in a previous release, Traverse City Roofing is BBB accredited, highly rated on, and is approved for use by those that are Home Advisor subscribers. They operate in Traverse City, Grand Traverse, Leelanau, Benzie, and Antrim County.

The company is also developing a solid reputation as a commercial roofing provider. Because they offer all kinds of choices regarding roofing materials to be used depending on whether a client is commercial or residential, Traverse City Roofing is able to be adaptable and can advise any customer on their best options.

James Thomas also said, "We are often asked how long a roof will last and of course the short answer has to do with maintenance. If a building or homeowner does not attend to small problems, of course, the problems get bigger. One of the reasons our reviews are so positive is because we help people understand what kind of maintenance their roof will need or not need - and how to know when it's crucial to call in the professionals."

For requests that do come from outside the company's service area it will offer customers a referral to another trusted roofer. For the areas they do cover, free, no-obligation estimates are available. The company can be contacted via their website, or via phone at 231-222-6538. Mr. Thomas added, "We strive to have every customer ready to leave us a 5-star review. Every single one."


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