Traverse City MI Roofing Contractor Fixes Leaky Roofs And More During Winter

MI based Traverse City Roofing is encouraging their community to call their team immediately in the event they require roof maintenance or repairs for a leaky roof. The company comments that certain customers have been known to hesitate to call a roofing professional due to inclement weather, but this may not necessarily deter Traverse City Roofing’s experienced professionals.

“Whatever the weather may be like today,” the company explains, “you still need a roof over your head that doesn’t leak and won’t degrade to the point it needs a much more expensive repair down the line. We always recommend that roof problems be dealt with as soon as possible, and bad weather does not change this. While it is true that no one can work in certain conditions, we urge both the residential and business community to reach out and let us determine what we can do to help. You may find that we are able to rectify the issue after all.” If nothing can be done at the moment, they add, a Traverse City roof repair can still be scheduled for the earliest window of opportunity, thereby limiting the risk of further damage.

At this time of year, it is not uncommon to see snow. While roofs in the region are designed to withstand such conditions, any snow that accumulates on a roof will place it under a great deal more stress than it normally receives. This can exacerbate any existing problems it previously had and accelerate its degradation, especially in any weak spots that the homeowner or business may have previously been unaware of. This is why property owners should contact a professional roofing contractor as soon as they notice their roof displaying signs of stress.

Such signs may include cracks in the exterior masonry, ceiling or interior walls; sagging; leaks and even windows or doors that become harder to open for no apparent reason. Ice is even worse on roofs, given that it is denser (and heavier), and an ice dam may prevent water or snow from falling off as intended. As part of their services, the company is always willing to share advice and tips on keeping roofs clear of such obstructions.

Should the roof suffer any damage, the company advises that this be considered a potential emergency. The longer damage is allowed to remain without a specialist correcting it, the more likely it is to get worse to the point it requires much more costly repairs — especially if it affects the structural integrity of the building in question. In the event a roof is damaged (such as by a falling tree branch, strong winds and so on), the company states it is best to have it inspected at once. If the property owner is unsure whether their roof damage constitutes an emergency, the professionals at Traverse City Roofing will be pleased to look it over and determine what needs to be done next (if anything).

A prompt response is especially vital to ensure the roof is in good condition before heavy snowfall or a storm arrives. Homeowners, for instance, can then rest assured that their holiday celebrations and family evenings will not be cut short by the need to call a roofer for help.

Other members of the community have called the company for assistance and discovered they respond quickly and maintain a high standard of service at all times. “We called them for a roofing inspection and they came out within 24 hours,” shares a 5-Star Google review from Edmund B. “After completing the inspection, they were able to get roofers to our house within an hour and complete all the repairs we needed. Keelin was great, and the roofing job was done fast and efficiently. Would highly recommend using them.”

Homeowners and businesses in Traverse City, Baldwin and so on may contact Traverse City Roofing today to request a free estimate for any roof repair work they need. James Thomas of Traverse City Roofing can be reached via phone or email if customers wish to discuss their requirements with one of the company’s roofing specialists. Alternatively, they can learn more about Traverse City Roofing’s services on their official website.


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