Traveltipster Explores Suffolk County, New York

In a recent blog post (, travel blogger Viktoria Altman explored the unique things one can do when they’re in Suffolk County, New York. She dives into the top tourist attractions on Long Island so as to give readers more information on why they should visit.

Viktoria Altman aka traveltipster says, “Suffolk County is a beautiful place to visit! Not only are the beaches in Suffolk County beautiful, but they also have great restaurants to dine in, old mansions to explore, and wonderful museums.”

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The travel blog post explores places like Nassau Museum of Art, Montauk Point Lighthouse, Del Vino Vineyard, Fire Island, and the Long Island Aquarium. According to the traveltipster, Suffolk County is located in the eastern part of Long Island, Suffolk County is the easternmost county in the state of New York.

“Whenever I’m in Suffolk County, I always go for a walk on the Long Beach Boardwalk. It is a very relaxing place. The food around the area is delicious too. I think whenever I come down there, I see something new,” the traveltipster says.

In the blog post, Viktoria also explores beaches around the area. One particular beach and an all-time favorite for Suffolk County visitors is the Jone Beach State Park. According to the traveltipster, Jone Beach State Park has a shore that stretches out for 6.5-miles of sugary white sand.

Another place Viktoria mentions in the article that one should not miss is the Sands Point Preserve. This is a 216-acre park with wooden trails and houses three castles. Viktoria says that if someone is visiting with their furry friend, this place should definitely be on top of the list.

“Sands Point Preserve is a great place to have a picnic in! They also offer tours of the castles, which was really wonderful. I had a great time,” says Viktoria Altman. She also mentions in the article that aside from visiting the houses, a visitor can also join yoga classes in Sands Point Preserve.

The traveltipster also talks about Fire Island in the new blog post. She mentions how great the Island is for those who are looking to have their vacation in a more serene place. In the blog post, Viktoria says that Fire Island is accessible to everyone by boat or ferry. She also encourages her readers to visit the Sunken Boardwalk.

Lastly, Viktoria Altman aka traveltipster says that it’s quite hard to keep the list short because there are just tons of great things to see and explore in Suffolk County. She emphasizes that if one is visiting Suffolk County, they will definitely have a great time.

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