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Speedy's Transmission Shop offers transmission and auto repair services in Richmond, Virginia, and neighboring areas. The professional mechanics at the shop underwent old school mechanic training and they also offer restoration services for vintage vehicles and repair for modern cars in every possible style, whether they are domestic, Asian, or European. More about the services that they provide can be gleaned from

Luis Quinones, owner of Speedy's Transmission Shop, says, “Our father taught us a love and passion for the job and we carry both of those things over into everything that we do and with everyone that we meet. No matter what type of vehicle you have or what your vehicle is going to need, there’s room in our shop and we have the skills to get the job done. We know that you have important things to do and you don’t have the time to sit around a repair shop waiting for your vehicle to be done. That’s why we’re going to make sure everything is done fast, with respect to your time.”

Speedy's Transmission Shop provides various kinds of transmission services. These include: diagnostics, repairs, tune-ups, rebuilds, and upgrades. They also offer auto repair services, such as oil change, engine repair, suspension work, transmission service, timing belt/ chains, well car checkups, air conditioning, brakes tune up, and lighting and electrical services.

The diagnostics service they offer will determine exactly what is causing the problem in a timely manner so that the car owner may be able to avoid any unnecessary costs. To do this, they use the most up-to-date and the precise computer diagnostic technology. In addition, they take advantage of their over 40 years of experience in transmissions and old school diagnostics methods to make an accurate diagnosis of what is wrong with the car.

They recommend that car owners have their vehicles undergo regular transmission tune-up because this is similar to an oil change for the car and should be a part of the vehicle’s regular maintenance that should be done every two years or after the mileages has reached approximately 30,000 miles. Their transmission tune-up service includes: replacement of transmission filters; checking of transmission gaskets and replacement if necessary; and changing of the transmission fluid and draining out of any small pieces of metal that may be found. More information about these services can be obtained at

When the car’s transmission has a problem, there are two possible alternatives to fix the problem. The first option is to fix the transmission by replacing the damaged or broken components, which means rebuilding the transmission from the ground up. The other option is to fix the transmission without rebuilding it. Naturally, the second option is less costly. And because of their in-depth experience, they can determine which option is appropriate for a particular car.

In their transmission rebuilding service, the whole transmission is disassembled and each piece is inspected for any damage or worn parts, which are then replaced. The skilled mechanics at Speedy's Transmission Shop will then reassemble the transmission and then put it back in the car.

They can also provide a transmission upgrade service, for those vehicles that need to handle excess weight. This service offers a number of benefits, including: an increase in the life of the transmission; increase in the gas mileage of automatic transmissions; addition of more gears; increase of engine speed for standard transmissions; elimination of shuddering at high speeds; and ability to tow and haul heavier loads.

They also offer financing services because they understand that many people don’t have savings to pay for major car repairs. As such, they have partnered with Snap Finance to provide various financing alternatives for people, whether they have good, bad, or no credit. Customers may get as much as $3,000 financing and they can get instant access to financing upon approval.

Those who are interested in learning more about the services provided by Speedy's Transmission Shop may want to check out their website, or contact them through the telephone or via email. They are open from Monday to Saturday, from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. And for their exact location and other important information, people can check out their Google Maps page at


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