Total Tree Care Offering Services For Tree Trimming Placentia California

Total Tree Care Services is offering tree trimming, tree removal, stump removal, and tree maintenance services in Placentia, California. The service is encouraging users to inspect their trees to check if they need trimming. They are urging customers to reach out and avail its services for safe pruning and removal of trees all over Placentia, California.

The service’s website says that there are three main reasons for trimming a tree. They are safety, aesthetics, and health. They say that dead and broken tree limbs can fall off anytime and can be a significant safety hazard. This can lead to damage to sections of the house, cars parked near it, or in the worst case, it can even lead to bodily harm for the people living in the house. Trimming a tree that has grown beyond its bound, preemptively, can help keep the property and human life safe from risk.

There is also an aesthetic reason for pruning trees regularly. It helps maintain their shape and appearance. Often the Homeowner’s Association can require homes in the neighborhood to maintain proper standards for the looks of a tree. Properly pruned and trimmed trees maintain their beauty and add aesthetic value that can affect the property values of a given home.

Finally, the website says that trees can catch diseases that may need to be looked at. The diseases vary by season and depend on factors such as the type of tree, its age, and its condition. To rid a tree of infection, an expert eye has to identify the damage and strategically cut branches and limbs that are most severely affected. In some cases, where there is extensive damage, an expert might decide to remove the whole tree itself.

It is wise to call a professional tree trimming services when the tree shows signs of rotting. Other signs might be loose limbs and overgrown branches. The website recommends that it is always better to be safe than sorry as overgrown trees can be hazardous to the health of the residents of a home.

Placentia, California, is home to a wide range of trees such as palm, ficus, juniper, cypress, pine, locust, ash, and many more. All of them have their own peculiarities and best practices when it comes to pruning. It is only under the watchful eye of an expert that such decisions must be made.

For example, coniferous trees like cypress and pine should only be pruned when the plant is dormant. They cannot re-sprout from old wood. That means it is not wise to remove more than a third of the total growth which can lead to the plant never being able to recover from the pruning. In another example, evergreen trees are pruned such that only a part of the branch is affected. The terminal growth is pruned rather than the side or lateral buds. This leads to a more compact plant with thicker foliage and a narrower spread. The business says that such decisions are best left up to its experts who have a ton of experience working with the area’s natural flora.

According to Home Advisor, tree trimming costs $460 on average. The range can be anywhere from $200 and $760. The price also depends on the height of the tree. If a tree is under 30 feet, expect to pay $75 to $400. For trees up to 60 feet, the prices can be double up to $800. If one has very tall trees, those over 60 feet, expect to go as high as $1,500. If a service doesn’t include dumping, expect to add around $100 on top of the charges.

A spokesperson for the company says, “Total Tree Care Services expects to be the last tree trimming service that you will ever need in Placentia California. We have nurtured a dedicated team of professionals who will serve all your tree pruning, removal, and maintenance needs. Give us a call today if you are facing any difficulties with the trees on your property.”


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