Top Roofing Contractor Now Serving Grand Rapids, Michigan

Michigan based Mighty Dog Roofing now provides high quality roofing services in Grand Rapids and the surrounding areas. Customers are welcome to contact the company for assistance installing roofs, gutters, slips and so on.

They can install and service any type of roof, and the team prides themselves on offering an unrivaled customer experience. "Today's customers know what they want," says a Mighty Dog representative. “The Mighty Dog team focuses on the total customer experience, because we understand that you need contractors who are willing to work with you.” Learn more here: Visit Company Website.

The company has long understood that trust is an important part of any project, as it puts its customers first. To this end, Mighty Dog does its best to show customers the results of work at every stage, and this is reflected from first contact to payments and beyond. Homeowners will swiftly find that the company leaves no stone unturned, especially since their first order of business is often to run a 25-point inspection, covering every notable aspect of a home.

While each team member is trained to perform this hawk-eye inspection, the company will use drones and special scanning technology to document the results more accurately (which will be provided to homeowners once the inspection is complete). The company will then recommend the best course of action, but the final decision always rests with the customer. Their 25-point check includes nail head inspection, roof edging, soffits and fascia inspection, roof ventilation and exhaust, roof sheathing or decking, chimney inspection, plumbing stack inspection, gutters inspection, window inspection and also storm damage inspection.

Mighty Dog says these reports help homeowners make more informed decisions about the condition of their home or roof, and that information is stored in the company's Customer Vault for future reference. For example, information is collected during subsequent maintenance visits and used to monitor the condition of the roof over time. This highlights new problems as they appear. Mighty Dog adds that customers can rest assured that all information is safe and secure. Each repository is generally available to the respective customers only when they need information about what the company is working on. In some cases, owners may choose to share storage information with an insurer or broker.

Many consumers expect roof repair or installation to be a very complex project, leading them to believe that the following cleanup will inevitably be a tedious affair as well. However, the company actively takes steps to ensure that the building layout is not damaged, nor are tools and materials left unattended over the course of a project. Cleaning is much easier as a result, and the company confirms that the team will take the extra precaution of magnetically dragging the grounds in case nails are misplaced during construction. Learn more here: Visit Web Site.

The company’s many positive reviews highlight how well their services are received. Karsten W. rates the company 5 Stars and states that, “Ryan was very helpful with giving us his best quote and answering all of our many questions. Michael, the project manager, was also very friendly and reliable. The projects were done on a short timetable and look great. Great experience!”

Joseph K. states in another top-rated review that, “They were very professional and listened to what we wanted. They did a fantastic job on installation and clean up. I would recommend them to all my friends. Thank you for the wonderful experience.” The praise was for roof installation, roof repair for storm and wind damage, roof inspection, and gutter repair, highlighting the diverse capabilities of the Mighty Dog team.

Mighty Dog Roofing has offices in multiple locations, and the team works hard to maintain an excellent reputation regardless of the community they serve or the project they are hired for. Mighty Dog Roofing, now serving from their Grand Rapids, Michigan address, is committed to providing homeowners and businesses alike a customer experience that cannot be found anywhere else. Interested parties can contact the company by phone or email. Social media users can also communicate through their preferred platform.


For more information about Mighty Dog Roofing of West Michigan, contact the company here:

Mighty Dog Roofing of West Michigan
(616) 504-6535
3520 Roger B Chaffee Memorial Blvd SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49548