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Albuquerque, NM based Event Rental Systems, Inc (ERS) is pleased to share reviews from satisfied clients who have benefitted from the company’s party rental software platform. Eager to ensure that their software is working as intended and making life easier for their clients, ERS has made it their business to track the feedback they receive on every platform possible. ERS has proudly shared some of this feedback on their website as well, and interested parties are welcome to read these comments at the following link:

One of their most recent reviews comes from Steven Puitt, left on the company’s Google page. This 5-Star review identifies ERS’ software as a, “Total game changer, wish it was done three years before I finally signed up. They have more reports to offer than any other type of software and are constantly rolling out new updates to keep us at the top of our game!”

“When the ERS team first started development,” says Rob Weinstein of Event Rental Systems, Inc, “we knew that the goal was to automate as much of the party rental business as possible and give our clients the time to manage their businesses and focus on making better business decisions as opposed to getting bogged down in the daily grind. We also wanted to ensure that our community could access these services from virtually anywhere in the world. We’re happy to share that we have succeeded, and our clients’ success in their respective enterprises is a testament to that fact.”

ERS functionality is two-fold. On one hand, it automates various aspects of running a party rental business, such as real-time online ordering, truck routing, add-on sales, customer surveys, reminders to book next year and so on. On the other, it generates reports and metrics on the business’ operation that allow the user to gain an overview of how well they are doing, what aspects work best, what needs work and more.

The platform is designed to be flexible, and can be accessed from anywhere in the world (as long as the user has a dependable internet connection). It works on both iOS and Android platforms, and is just as usable on mobile devices (tablets, smartphones) as it is on a computer. On top of this, the sheer number of functions it offers ensures that a business can open every door their party rental business needs in a digital world simply by signing up with ERS — and they crucially do not need extensive technical knowledge to make it work.

This includes electronic invitations, text messaging, site map generation, vehicle tracking, automated emails and even search engine optimization for the business’ website. Notably, ERS also offers a dedicated tech support team for the Pro and Elite+ packages (among other industry-specific bonuses) to ensure that their clients’ have the help they need at all times.

As another review from a customer named Tony of Jump Jump Bounce, which can be found on the company’s testimonial section of their website, explains, “We have been using ERS for two months now and could not be any more excited. When my site went live, I actually had an online booking before I could even see my own website on my computer. It's great to be at your regular job, at the park with the kids or anywhere for that matter and get a text message telling you that you've just made money. I could pay the monthly fee with only half of one of the eight online rentals I'm getting every week. Plus the click and print contracts, plus the routing, plus the knowledgeable human being that you speak to with all of your questions. I don't consider myself the smartest businessman in the world, but this has been the smartest business decision that I've made yet.”

Those looking to automate their party rental business in order to focus more on expansion, reduce unnecessary labor or simply gain more downtime are welcome to contact the team at Event Rental Systems, Inc to get started. Further details regarding each of their platform’s functions can be found on the company’s official website as well. Learn more here:


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