Top Rated Divorce Lawyer, Juan Luciano, Shares Some Insight On How Quickly An Uncontested Divorce In New York Can Be Finalized

New York, NY - When divorce papers are served, no one wants the divorce process to be long and drawn out, but multiple years of marriage could mean a long list of issues that need to be fairly separated between the two individuals and that could take some time. In a best-case divorce scenario, being able to cooperate and work with the opposing party is the best way to achieve a swift divorce. Using a mediator and an uncontested divorce lawyer can be beneficial to the negotiation process to establishing a fair outcome that abides by New York divorce laws.

Juan Luciano is a New York divorce lawyer with over 15 years of experience in divorce cases. Throughout his years of working with estranged marriages, he has gained a reputation for being a sound uncontested divorce lawyer for his clients, who fights to protect their rights, while also being compassionate in understanding the emotional charge of difficult situations.

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“Communication with an ex-spouse is a key factor in an uncontested divorce. When the discussion revolves around the dissolution of property, custody over children, and what should be done with the money, emotions can quickly take a sharp turn and can result in some unfavorable or unfair decisions to the opposing spouse. An experienced divorce lawyer is skilled in navigating and dissolving where emotions may be running high and be able to effectively negotiate a reasonable solution.”

Luciano also explains how there are some other factors that come into play besides being able to work with the other party that can affect how quickly the divorce process can take. Some other things that can affect the timeline are how quickly the opposing party responds to negotiating proposals, the court’s schedule and how soon there is an opening for a judge to review a case, and in general, just the time it takes to prepare and file the appropriate paperwork for any issues.

“We always strive for the best outcome for our clients. Oftentimes this means having the ability to walk, what can be a pretty fine line, between addressing a dispute between each party and still maintaining a specific results-driven strategy. The bottom line is that we use our knowledge and experience in family law to approach each case by doing what is absolutely best for the clients we are representing, all while establishing fair resolutions that fall within New York law.”

Juan Luciano and his firm bring multiple years of family law and divorce experience to the aid of their clients. He believes that it is difficult to navigate a divorce alone and that as difficult as the situation may be, that it is important to find representation that can help protect your future. He believes that even a divorce that may start out contested can be negotiated into an uncontested case with an experienced attorney that can potentially assist each party to find a common ground that can be agreed upon. Those who have been served divorce papers and would like more information about how Juan Luciano can help, visit


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