Top Oh Metal Building Erectors Releases An Article About The Time Saving Benefits Of Prefabricated Buildings

STEVENS Engineers & Constructors, a Middleburg industrial construction company, recently published an article, “How a Metal Building Can Save Your Construction Schedule.” The article talks about the benefits of prefabricated metal buildings in saving time.

To a construction company, time is an important commodity, and pre-fabricated buildings promise to save both time and money. “The faster a construction project is finished, the fewer resources are needed to help keep the cost down,” suggests Vicki Anderson, CEO STEVENS.

Pre-engineered Steel Buildings Can Save You Time & Money

Metal buildings take less time to complete, which saves builders on insurance and labor. The quick completion time of a commercial or industrial building ensures a quicker start in its business operations and return on investment. Metal building specialists like STEVENS Engineers & Constructors have been in the business of pre-engineered metal building construction for decades.

Working with specialists is an opportunity to benefit from their hands-on experience with metal building constructions and thorough knowledge of pre-fab buildings. Experts know the right questions to ask before giving a building quote and have the answers to all customer queries. STEVENS specialists are equipped with the best knowledge in the industry to offer valuable insights to clients about their pre-fabricated buildings to streamline their projects and save time.

“When you use sophisticated steel engineering software, you can dramatically reduce design time for your metal building system by making optimal use of steel’s inherent strength,” explains Ms. Anderson.

A 3D structural analysis software comes in handy to generate manufacturing drawings for separate framing components and make the most efficient use of the steel. The best thing about steel framework, according to STEVENS, is that a building needs fewer framing pieces as opposed to more traditional buildings material for a durable structure. The article adds that fewer pieces require less time for framing of prefab buildings.

STEVENS experts believe that a pre-engineered building kit comes compliant with existing local building codes. “That means there is no hassling with building inspectors to get your construction project up to code,” describes the article.

The complete framing package ships together, which means there is no time lost in waiting for shipments. The metal building construction can be completed right away.

According to Paul Stroz, corporate director of capital projects at the Middleburg industrial construction company, “Our structural components will arrive from the factory in a pre-engineered metal building system, ready to assemble. You don't have to cut, weld, punch, or drill anything. Everything in your kit will come marked and ready to bolt and screw together for quick metal building construction. A prefab metal building from STEVENS works much like a life-sized erector set. You will also save time on the lateral framing with pre-welded clips. Most clients find they reduce construction time by 33% or more when using prefab steel buildings.”

Metal building systems do not result in a lot of waste, and the construction waste can be sold at a local scrapyard. Prefab building construction is quite relevant in present times when time is money and projects must be completed quickly and on budget. Given the durability, strength, and cost-effectiveness of metal buildings, pre-engineered steel constructions are an environmentally friendly option that comes at industry-low prices.

STEVENS is a leader in the prefabricated metal building industry, which prides itself on its American-made and eco-friendly materials. The company provides complete prefab building constructions, right from development to erection, designed to comply with local codes and cater to the clients’ needs.

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