Top MN Personal Injury Attorneys Discuss Construction Explosion Burns

McEwen & Kestner - Personal Injury Law experts in Minneapolis, Minnesota, recently discussed the dangers of construction sites and what victims can do if and when they are involved in construction explosion burns. Peter Kestner with the firm spoke out about the risks that are associated with construction sites and what workers or bystanders need to do if they are injured because of a construction site catastrophe.

“Burn injuries incurred on a construction site are much more common than many people think,” Kestner says. “One of the main instances that causes these injuries is simply an unsafe work environment. If someone is working on a construction site and they know that it is unsafe, there are steps that should be taken to protect themselves and others on the site.”

Construction Explosion Burns MN

Kestner says that unfortunately, there are many companies that know that their sites are dangerous or risky but in an effort to save time and money, they continue to allow workers to risk injury and continue on the job. He adds that this kind of negligence should not go unpunished and that if a worker is injured due to unsafe working conditions, there are steps that can be taken.

“We urge workers to file a complaint just as soon as possible,” says the top MN personal injury attorney. “Workers are often afraid to speak up, afraid of losing their jobs for instance, and they simply continue to put themselves at risk. People need to know and to understand just how dangerous these situations can be and what they can do about them.”

Kestner says that construction workers are regularly faced with working around certain chemicals and other hazards that could result in fire or explosion. Unsafe welding conditions, live wires, fuel tanks and other common construction items can be quite risky, particularly when they are not maintained or regulated. Unsafe working conditions can cause hazards in general but the firm states that unsafe construction sites can be even more treacherous than other working conditions because of the high risk of some construction items in general.

“We want to let workers know that if they are injured due to an explosion or fire from a worksite or if someone has lost a loved one due to these conditions, there are things that can be done,” says Kestner. “The first thing to do, after seeking medical attention, of course, is to contact an attorney who is experienced in these specific matters.”

Kestner adds that attorneys who have experience in dealing with construction site injuries are much more likely to know the proper steps to take to help the injured to receive compensation for their injuries. He adds that this compensation can include medical bill coverage as well as compensation for any time that the worker has missed from work because of their injuries.

Companies today are regulated by government agencies that take steps to help avoid such disasters. Mandatory safety rules must be met by all construction sites and when these rules are not followed, it can cause a higher risk of injury. Kestner says that any company not following the set rules for proper construction site work can be fined and potentially lose their operating license.

Some rules pertaining to construction sites include keeping welding supplies away from fire hazards and requiring all workers to wear the proper shields and protective gear when welding or working with certain chemicals or other hazardous materials. Construction companies that are not actively ensuring that these rules are being met are at risk for fines and other legal consequences.

Those who are interested can check out this article from McEwen & Kestner to learn more about the dangers of construction burns and the risks that construction workers should be aware of in order to better protect themselves. Those in need of speaking with a personal injury attorney will find further information, including contact information for the legal firm on their official website.


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