Top Ductless Contractor in New Paltz, New York has Been Accepted into the Prestigious Ductless Directory

RYCOR HVAC, a reputable Ductless HVAC contractor in New Paltz, New York, announces their acceptance as a high-efficiency contractor in the Ductless Directory. The nationally acclaimed Ductless Directory has a strict requirement to qualify for a listing. Approval into the Ductless Directory requires a company to have factory-trained employees, brand acknowledgment, and a history of serving their community with integrity and honesty.

The Ductless Directory is an educational resource for consumers looking to find a more efficient way to heat and cool their homes. As a featured High-Efficiency contractor in the Ductless Directory, RYCOR can reach more consumers via a landing page on the directory and a series of educational videos. The guide informs consumers about the many benefits of going ductless, including cost savings, increased comfort, energy savings, health and safety benefits, and the significance of embracing eco-friendly products that reduce fossil fuel fuels on the environment.

Rycor HVAC New Paltz NY

Those at this Ductless Mini Split New Paltz New York company acknowledge that acceptance into the Ductless Directory could not have come at a better time. The Ductless Mini-Split systems are quickly gaining popularity in New Paltz, New York, and throughout the Hudson Valley area. Why you may ask, it is the advantages that ductless heating and cooling systems offer to those that have them. Using the Ductless Mini-Split means lower installation costs due to the lack of ductwork. They also take up considerably less space than more conventional central heating and air systems. Since they don't need to have invasive ductwork installed, they are excellent heating and cooling option for new additions, finished basements, and detached garages. The Ductless Mini-Split system is known as a zone comfort system. Utilizing a zone comfort system means you only heat and or cool the used areas of your home. Yet it doesn't stop there; families with the Ductless Mini-Split system experience increased air quality, reliability of HVAC solutions, and a much smaller carbon footprint on the environment. Arnold stated that these systems have some of the highest energy efficiencies. Because they don't require ductwork, consumers can avoid losing energy with traditional forced-air heating and cooling systems.

The energy savings also explains why the company is only concentrating on installing and repairing ductless heating and cooling systems at this time. The company's spokesperson, Scott Arnold, says, "Energy Efficiency is our Game. The future requires people to convert to the highest energy-efficient products. We choose ductless mini-splits because of their ultra-high efficiencies that not only save homeowners money but also reduce their impact on the environment." Arnold went on to say that as part of their commitment to quality, they have also aligned themselves with Mitsubishi Ductless Mini Split Products. They have even taken the extensive steps necessary to become a Mitsubishi Elite Diamond contractor. Arnold added, "We chose Mitsubishi because we believe them to be the leader in ductless technology. Mitsubishi products are renowned for their high efficiencies, reliability, and dependability. As a Mitsubishi Elite Diamond Dealer, we know how to evaluate your home to ensure you get the right product selection and a professional installation." Also, being equipped with ten service vehicles operating in the New Paltz area every day allows us to provide same-day repair service.

Those looking for a top ductless contractor in New Paltz, New York, can contact them at (845) 742-5110. If you prefer to reach Rycor by email, contact Rycor at or on their website's 'contact us' page. Arnold also pointed out that those who purchase a ductless mini-split system in the near term may also be eligible for New York government promotions that center around installing both ground and air source heat pumps. These promotions will pay approximately 50% of the installation.


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