Top Chilliwack Appliance Store Enjoys Surge in New Customers

Chilliwack, BC - 2021 has seen tremendous growth as service, products, pricing continues to impress.

JNB Appliance Wholesale LTD. has become a household name among Chilliwack and Fraser Valley, BC residents looking to upgrade their home or office appliances, and more people are relying on JNB than ever. Owner John Matina says he’s grateful beyond words for the positive feedback he receives from multiple customers on a daily basis.

Discounted appliance store Chilliwack BC

“Great customer service has always been the foundation upon which the rest of the business is built,” Matina says. “In our eyes, customer service extends to every part of the transaction. From the moment the customer calls or enters the building, to the moment their new appliance is installed, everything should be done correctly to the customer’s preferences. Maintaining that overall perspective has helped us keep customers happy and coming back for years. Everything seems to fall into place when we really focus that core aspect of the business.”

Matina says 2021 has seen tremendous growth in new customers despite the COVID challenges all retailers have faced, and JNB today competes with big-box retailers like they never have in the past but are able to offer a more niche experience that is unique.

“We are able to offer a large selection of discounted, overstock appliances and scratch-and-dents that go for a far lower price than what big box stores can offer, and we are open to stocking a larger variety of brands ranging from residential to commercial levels of capability,” Matina says, pointing out that they also offer new and unopened products as well when they are available. “Customers can buy discounted commercial grade appliances and have them delivered right to their homes. They love the service and pricing that comes with it and often the appliances are like new or the slight dent is not even noticeable.”

When stock is available, JNB also offers a complete range of wine and beverage coolers, stoves, microwaves, freezers, and of course a full line of washer and dryer machines, refrigerators, and dishwashers. They also offer appliance repair services and will deliver and install any appliance purchased from their store.

Matina says they are always looking for new opportunities in terms of what brands they can offer, services they can provide, and ways to improve the customer experience. He says that being a small business requires that he and his team stay vigilant to make their customers even happier.

“They are happy today and we have a solid customer base with many repeat clients, which is fantastic because we’ve worked hard to make it this far,” Matina says. “But we are always looking for new innovative ways to grow that base and offer our customers an experience they can't get anywhere else. That is the challenge that keeps us motivated to be here for Chilliwack and area as long as we can, and we're committed to the long term.”

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