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Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer Riverside, a California based personal injury firm, would like to reach out to local residents who may be in need of an attorney who specializes in this field. With years of experience and a strong commitment to making sure that justice is served, the Napolin legal team is all but guaranteed to get the best results in any case.

“If you are hurt in an accident, you need to speak with the best accident injury lawyer you can find,” says Alexander D. Napolin of Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer Riverside. “The insurance company of the person who hurt you is not on your side. Do not listen to the advice of the insurance adjuster. I am a top personal injury lawyer who asserts claims against the insurance companies using proven methodology. My approach when prosecuting accident injury claims results in successful outcomes for my clients. When you hire my law firm, you acquire an energetic and diverse legal team dedicated to your success.”

When choosing an attorney, it is always important, regardless of the type of case, to choose a personal injury attorney with a good reputation, and Napolin is notable for having a long record of success in this regard. While other firms point to how long they have been serving their communities, Napolin points to his firm’s countless successes. Success when it comes to a case is determined by how the case is evaluated and tried (and how each party is represented by their attorney). The knowledge, skill and commitment to excellence of the attorney is often what determines whether or not their client will be successful, and Napolin has made it his mission to establish himself as one of if not the best personal injury attorneys in Riverside.

The firm first opened their doors in 2011. Since then, Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer Riverside has developed into a well-rounded accident injury law firm. Napolin himself developed a successful formula which dictates all relationships between clients and attorneys. This formula allows the firm to build effective relationships that help each attorney understand their client’s needs and how best to approach any situation, no matter how unique. The Riverside attorney has also seen a great deal of personal success using this formula and continues to strive to establish such a connection with his clients to this day.

Alexander Napolin is often described as a ‘100% plaintiff-side personal injury lawyer,’ which means he never works with or defends insurance companies. A native of Orange County, he graduated Troy High School and attended California State University where he received his BA Degrees in American Studies and Business Administration. He earned his law degree at Pepperdine University School of Law in Malibu, CA and has been involved in a number of notable cases, including Sanchez v. Children’s Dental Group and Spencer v. Stephen Paddock. He is dedicated to helping people with all kinds of injuries no matter how serious they are, and his legal team is always ready and willing to get to work on helping clients get the most out of their cases. He is widely considered the top accident injury attorney in Riverside.

Napolin has received a number of excellent reviews from pleased clients on multiple platforms. One client, James Kohun, says in their Google review, “My accident happened last year, and I wasn’t sure about hiring a lawyer. I’ve never had to before in my life. Alexander calmed me down with his advice, and it’s made a big difference in my life. The money is important, and I was relieved to find out that my interests came number one with this company. Kind of the opposite of what I expected from lawyers.”

Rachel Morales’ 5-Star review similarly states, “This firm represented my husband for a work-related injury and did well. Plus, just finished up my car accident case, and I’m getting even more than I expected! Now, I’m referring my mother for a serious injury, and I know she will be well taken care of. Thanks, Mr. Napolin and everyone who has helped me so much over the years.”

For more on the top Riverside County accident injury lawyer, visit the firm’s official website. Clients are welcome to contact Alexander Napolin directly for more information regarding his practice and availability as well.


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