Toiture Victoriaville Recommends Residents in Drummondville to Use Asphalt Shingles for the Roof

Quebec, Canada-based Toiture Victoriaville company owner, Mr. Poirier, spoke to one of a reporter about why they recommend asphalt shingles to customers with roof installation. Poirier said, “Homeowners find it an overwhelming task when they need to choose material for the roof as there are many materials to pick from. These are cedar, rubber, wood shakes, metal, slate, tile, and asphalt. Yet the majority of roofs have an asphalt shingle construction and remains a popular choice for many reasons.”

The owner mentioned that asphalt shingles are very light and add less weight to a roof. However, heavier shingles such as slate add a lot of weight, needing added structural support. Having the support added also increases the cost of the project for property owners. Toiture Victoriaville went on to say that homeowners will find that asphalt shingles compared to other roofing options in cheaper. While it is a fraction of the cost compared to other materials, it remains a reliable and durable option with a long lifespan. In the roofing replacement business, the owner mentioned it is cheaper to install, maintain, and repair.

The company said, “Property owners will find that asphalt shingle installation is done fast without complicated structures compared to other types. Our crew can do a roofing job with asphalt shingles depending on the size of the roof in a day. So, homeowners can expect a fast installation without their homes becoming constructions sites for too long. Property owners can expect to have their lives back to normal in no time. Further, homeowners have a wide selection of color choices to choose from as well. The asphalt shingles are in different textures and patterns. Landowners can even choose premium laminated types that have a shadow tone granule blend for richness and depth.”

Toiture Victoriaville went on to say that their clients can easily find a perfect match. Further, asphalt shingles are very durable and have low maintenance. The majority of the types are resistant to ice, fire, winds, and extreme temperatures. Some are even wind and fire-resistant, made with a layer of double fiberglass for strength. With the added weather construction, homeowners can expect years of protection on the roof. Further, property owners can also expect an extended warranty to know the home is in good hands.

So, if residential and commercial owners need any roofing done, asphalt shingles, according to Toiture Victoriaville roofing contractors, are the best material used. The owner said that while many residents feel they might buy the asphalt shingles themselves and do a DIY roof replacement, he recommends calling in the pros instead. The roofing company can find the best prices available and expertise to help residents bring some new color to the roof using asphalt shingles. Further, they provide a warranty on the work and material giving them peace of mind if there is an error on the product.

In addition, the company provides all in Drummondville and surroundings with new asphalt shingle repairs and replacements. Further, the business also offers homeowners roof repairs, inspections, and maintenance. Readers who wish to learn more about the services provided by Toiture Victoriaville can visit their official page here


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