Today Hypnotherapy Is Offering Hpynosis Therapy To Quit Smoking, Overcome Insomnia, And Achieve Weight Loss Goals

Today Hypnotherapy, a hypnotherapy clinic in Eagen, MN, is offering its services to those hoping to conquer their personal barriers in 2021. The clinic is encouraging everyone hoping to make themselves better in the new year, to get acquainted with the services it offers. The establishment is run by Certified Master Hypnotherapist Nicholas Craton. The clinic offers services such to help its clients quit smoking, overcome insomnia, and help achieve their weight loss and health goals.

Hypnosis is a hyper-receptive learning state in which behaviors, habits, and triggers can be sculpted and changed. While explaining the phenomenon, the clinic’s website gives the metaphor that the mind is like a dry clay pot. Hypnosis is akin to adding water to it, making it soft and malleable, allowing it to be shaped and changed based on the needs of the individual.

Nicholas Craton, C.HT

The clinic claims that contrary to popular belief, anyone can be hypnotized. It claims that people slip in and out of hypnosis all the time. According to the website, hypnosis is an extremely relaxing, dream-like state of mind that mimics the foggy feeling that occurs just before falling asleep at night. The most common description from most clients is: “It’s like I’m dreaming, but I’m completely awake.” According to Nicholas’ experience, most people see dramatic improvements in only 1 session. For smoking cessation, the majority of people never smoke again after their first session. 3 to 4 sessions provide the best results based on the scientific literature.

The clinic claims that its treatment for stopping smoking is 90% effective. They claim 80-90% of people who use hypnotherapy to quit tobacco stay tobacco-free for life. They also claim that its clients can quit smoking in 1-3 sessions which makes it possible to be tobacco-free for less than the cost of a months’ worth of cigarettes.

This effectiveness is possible due to two reasons. Firstly, hypnotherapy for quitting smoking is the combination of quitting techniques used in conjunction to allow for the highest probability of success, boosted by the accelerated learning state known as a “Trance.” Secondly, hypnotherapy excels in its ability to create long term coping mechanisms for stress that are clinically proven to be more effective than cigarettes. As a result, people stay smoke-free for substantially longer, usually forever.

The clinic claims that a quit smoking hypnotist that specializes in quit smoking hypnosis takes advantage of the high receptiveness in a hypnotic trance to assist the person in overcoming cravings and withdrawals, making for what most clients call a “much easier than I ever imagined it could be” kind of experience.

For those suffering from insomnia, the clinic claims that hypnotherapy can help them “turn off the noise”, allowing the body and mind to relax, and let go of the anxiety. The treatment helps clients fall asleep quickly, right when their head hits the pillow, sleep soundly through the night, eliminate night terrors, and wake up on time, feeling refreshed. The clinic claims hypnotherapy can help get its clients the good sleep that is critical to good physical and mental health.

For those trying to lose weight, hypnotherapy helps them to rewire their neural pathways to think about themselves and food in the right light. Hypnotherapy gives them practical, useful tools, motivation, momentum, and ongoing support. The clinic claims that right from the very start, its clients receive what they need to achieve their weight loss goal.

According to the website, hypnosis is extremely effective for a wide array of behavioral and perceptual challenges, and substance abuse is no exception. Hypnotherapy can help clients suffering from addiction to alcohol, pills, methadone, heroin, cocaine, marijuana, nail-biting, sex, and many more afflictions. If something is addictive and assuming the hypnotherapist is qualified, then hypnotherapy can help the addict wean off the affliction. Some addictions like alcoholism take longer than others.

Clients can either call 651-256-4153 for a free 20 min phone consultation or email Nicholas at There is also a contact form on the website to reach him.


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