TK Roofing & Gutters Publishes Tips On How To Extend The Life of A Roof

TK Roofing & Gutters has published a blog offering much-needed tips to extend the life of a roof. The roof is the most important part of a house and even used interchangeably to indicate the need for a house. It has a typical life span of 15 to 25 years and needs a proactive approach to keep it free from any damage. Based in Akron, OH, the roofing contractor regularly posts blogs concerning roof health, and the latest one provides a list of things to consider to extend the life of the roof.

A damaged roof is often an unexpected issue that catches most homeowners off guard. Ignoring the health of the roof can cause significant damage to a house. Regular roof maintenance is a must to extend the life of the roof. Daryl Gentry, the owner of TK Roofing & Gutters, reminds of its importance when he says, "Your roof shades you from the sun, helps keep you dry when it rains, cool when it's hot, and warm when it's cold. When your roof looks after you, you owe a duty to looks after it too."

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Daryl's tips to extend a roof's life emphasizes keeping the roof clean. It looks like an easy-to-do thing, but most homeowners don't keep an eye on the roof. A clean roof remains free from debris that may slip into and clog the gutter. The roofing contractor feels maintaining gutters helps save the roof and the surrounding areas from water and pest damage.

The blog suggests trimming overhead tree branches to extend the life of the roof. Leaves on the roof can trap moisture under them also clog the gutter, making the draining of water difficult. During a storm, these branches may fall and damage the roof surface. Even scratches caused by the branches can go a long way in damaging a roof over time.

TK Roofing & Gutters points out routine inspections as essential to help extend the life of the roof. According to Daryl, "roof inspection is key to protect the roof's structural integrity, and Roof inspections are worth your money because if any damage is found during the inspection, it will be much cheaper to fix if it is caught in the early stages." The longer damages go unnoticed, the more costly repairs can be. However, he insists "roof inspections don't need to be done all the time, but it is worth it to have a professional roofing contractor to check your roof once in a while."

Another important thing that the blog underlines is a properly ventilated attic. This is key to eliminating moisture, which results in molds that eat into the roof's vitality. It is equally significant to prevent ice accumulation on the roof. Allowing ice to pile can have a similar effect as water damage to the roof.

The blog ends with a recommendation to regularly talk to roofing professionals on measures to extend the roof's life. From a damaged gutter to missing shingles, roofing contractors can help fix things before they become a problem. Having an expert inspection after a storm is desirable.

Based in Akron, OH, TK Roofing and Gutters is a fully insured and bonded roofing and gutter services company. With 25 years of experience, it provides reliable roofing services for single homes, multi-homes, flat roofs, rubber roofing, and asphalt shingles. The team of roofing and gutters experts ensures quick and steadfast roof repair, roof recovers, roof replacement, storm damage, and emergency tarping.

TK Roofing and Gutters is among the elite 3% roofing contractors with the Select Shingle Master (SSM) certification from CertainTeed Roofing Systems. Locally owned and operated, they are happy to serve their local communities. As part of its commitment to the community, the Ohio roofing company offers free estimates and inspections and a lifetime warranty. Contact TK Roofing & Gutters through their website or call on (330) 525-8607.


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