Tirtyl Marching Ahead to Remove 500,000 Bottles of Ocean-Bound Plastic in 2021

Queensland, August 6, 2021. Tirtyl are an Australian company based in Queensland, who have revolutionised the hand soap industry by eliminating the plastic waste associated with liquid soap. Their zero-waste “just add water” soap tablets are moisturising, easier to store & refill and actually cheaper than the hand soaps found in major supermarkets. They are free of nasty ingredients and are effective in protecting against viruses and bacteria, a prerequisite given the company launched the product during the pandemic. Their hand soap tablets have taken the Australian and US markets by storm, with over 13,000 Australian households switching to their zero-waste soaps in just the first 6 months of launch. Tirtyl are also the #1 zero-waste hand soap sold on Amazon in the United States, making them one of the top selling zero-waste soaps sold globally. Tirtyl’s mission is to deliver products that are ‘made to unwaste’, and their range of foaming hand soap tablets do just that.

The Founders behind Tirtyl, May Bandi and Lachlan Hill, started Tirtyl after noticing the increase of single-use plastics during the pandemic, on top ecosystems already choking in plastic. Unfortunately only 9% of plastic is being recycled annually in most parts of the western world, and with 8 million tonnes of plastic waste flowing into our oceans every year, the team were dedicated to being part of the solution, not the problem.

Fast forward 12 months and the duo had launched their hand soap tablets which feature 100% compostable wrapping and glass dispensers, eliminating single-use plastic in the process. Whilst prevention is a key part of moving towards a sustainable future, the team wanted to take it one step further and proactively “unwaste” the oceans at the same time. This was the catalyst behind starting their Tirtyl Tip foundation, where a % of sales are donated to social causes.

To kick off the Tirtyl Tip foundation, Tirtyl partnered with Plastic Bank, the world’s largest ocean-plastic collection enterprise, with infrastructure set-up in developing communities across the globe to collect ocean-bound plastic. By donating a % of each sale to Plastic Bank, May and Lachlan set a goal to collect 500,000 equivalent bottles of plastic waste by the end of 2021.

In July they are officially on-track having collected over 250,000 plastic bottles so far in just 6 months, and are expected to far exceed the original goal of 500,000 by the close of 2021.

For every Tirtyl soap tablet sold, Plastic Bank collects the equivalent of one plastic bottle. For every glass dispenser sold, Plastic Bank collects 8 plastic bottles. The plastic waste is collected by locals in coastal communities where the macroplastics problem is at its worst, with wages being contributed by proceeds donated to Plastic Bank. By purchasing Tirtyl products, customers are also actively contributing to making the earth a cleaner place. In fact, a bottle is prevented and another collected for every Tirtyl tab sold.

Tirtyl believes that the plastic waste problem requires change from communities, businesses and governments globally to create sustainable change. Tirtyl’s focus as a business is to create products that make it impossibly easy and affordable for communities to change the way they consume. Lachlan, Co-Founder and Head of Product is also a top public policy scholar from the London School of Economics, and is intent on evolving the Tirtyl Tip program to drive policy change and influence governments accordingly. This is part of Tirtyl’s ambition to holistically drive change across all points of influence, from communities to business and government.

The team have also introduced a number of compelling programs to help tackle plastic waste, for example Tirtyl’s customers can take advantage of their triple referral program, where customers, friends of customers and the planet all benefit. In this unique program, customers can expect free refills from referrals, while friends get 20% off, and as the icing on the cake, Tirtyl collect 24 bottles of ocean-bound plastic for every referral.

Although Tirtyl acknowledges that their products aren’t completely plastic-free (there is no such thing as a foaming soap pump that has no plastic parts), their Plastics Collection Program allows them to collect 10 times more plastic than they sell, and proudly there is no single-use plastic in any of their products or packaging, making them truly zero-waste. Tirtyl are 100% committed to solving the plastic waste problem and encourage other brands to take similar initiatives as we all work towards a cleaner planet.

To find out more about Tirtyl and their products, head to their website: https://tirtyl.com.au/

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